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CAH - Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia


Sep 20, 2016
I have a client with multiple issues. Irregular periods, which we have sorted about 80 percent when workign together, Chrohns, PCOS - she had to pluck hairs off her chin at one point, aches and pains which the doctor has said is Fibromyalgia,b feeling of anger. She has history of trauma in her childhood. Now the endocrinologist has diagnosed her with late onset Adrenal gland dysfunction.

Her 17-alpha hydroxy progesterone level is 33.4nmol/L. Her cortisol peak at 340. Steroid profile confirms 21 alpha hydroxylase deficiency.
My guess is that her thyroid has been so taxed the adrenals have been working over time.

She is keen to get pregnant and is worried about this 'diagnosis'.

Would appreciate some insights and thoughts on this particular issue.

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Dec 28, 2021
Sounds a little like me. Been struggling with back and hip pain, which I've come to relate to my digestion and possible IBS/ulcerative colitis, or something of that sort. This has been coupled with fatigue and what I believe is excess NO from inflammation/endotoxin. Cyproheptadine works great if you get the dosage down. I also drink rhubarb root tea which helps with constipation and mucus forming in the intestine, this has been super helpful and I always feel best when I've had a complete bowel movement. I'm male and perhaps my symptoms aren't related to the client you're referring to, but those are two substances that's been a tremendous help.