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Caffeine Pills - Do we get used to them?

  1. I am taking a small amount of caffeine in addition to coffee. I always take it with lots of protein, sugar, and food, so I don't get jitters. I feel good from the caffeine, it is just an extra 50mg twice a day right now but I might increase it.

    I was thinking that for non-Peating people, they get used to their caffeine so they need it to function. Over time they get acclimatised to it, and they need more and more to have the same energy rush.

    For Peat-style caffeine supplementation, will the effects of caffeine supplementation get less over time because the body adapts to and expects the daily caffeine, or will it continue to provide the same energy boost because there is fuel to power the increased metabolic rate?
  2. I don't get any boost from 400mg of caffeine. 200mg was too much when I started supplementing.
  3. Wow thanks nikotrope. Sounds like your body got completely used to it.

    I am getting such a nice boost from 50mg x 2, I was hoping I could keep going this way, like a new normal.

    Can I ask, did you get withdrawal symptoms when/if you gave up the caffeine? Did you have lots of food at the same time as the caffeine?
  4. I didn't get any withdrawal symptoms. I had 600-800mg per day for a few weeks, maybe it was too short or maybe withdrawal only happens when metabolism isn't good enough. I was taking caffeine with food but was doing fine even without food at the same time.
  5. Of course it's my own experience and I feel I don't get energised easily by any food or supplement.