Caffeine is a (functional) dopamine "agonist"


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
I just rediscovered this going through my old emails I exchanged with some Russian scientists. This seems to explain some of the effects of caffeine on temperature and memory. ... ne&f=false

"...It is well described that adenosine receptor agonists perform as functional dopamine antagonists (presumably at the A2a receptor site), so caffeine would demonstrate a considerably opposing effect - for example, observed as an exacerbation in psychosis in some cases. This interaction between A2a and D2 receptors has also been suggested to explain the stimulant effect of caffeine, and perhaps even to clarify some aspects of self-mutilation behavior such as is found in Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (Williams, 1995) and the lower incidence of Parkinson's disease related to caffeine use (Ross et al., 2000)."
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