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Caffeine Increases Both Gastric Acid And Pepsin Levels

  1. I know several people on the forum taking digestive enzymes and Peat also wrote that low gastric acid is one of the main signs (and issues) in hypothyroidism. So, before you go and spend money on pepsin capsules and digestive enzymes, you may want to try caffeine with your meals. The study suggests 300mg - 400mg based on what's commonly found in coffee. There are multiple studies showing caffeine does that but I am only posting this one since it was in humans.

    http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3 ... 7109180725

    "...At a plasma caffeine level of about 20 mg/litre the maximal acid response was obtained which corresponded to 44% of the pentragastrin-stimulated maximal output. Four to five cups of coffee consumed over 4 to 5 hours produced a similar plasma caffeine level. A linear relationship was demonstrated between the plasma caffeine levels and the corresponding gastric acid and pepsin outputs. There was in addition a high correlation between the acid outputs and the corresponding pepsin outputs. It was concluded that both acid and pepsin secretion are stimulated by intravenous caffeine administration, but that acid output is stimulated to a greater degree than pepsin output."
  2. Coffee is highly acidic so I would assume it actually catalyzes ulcers because dont they form as a result of harsh acidity?
  3. Your stomach acid is several fold stronger than coffee. The damage to the mucosa usually requires a predisposing factor like H. pylori infection or protein denaturant like alcohol. Coffee by itself is highly unlikely to cause any ulcers. Stress is the primary cause of ulcers.
  4. What about that caffeine could increase ammonia?
  5. It would explain how good I feel if I take a cup of coffee before eating.

    I think taurine could take care of it.
  6. I know it's an old thread but I would love to.know if the study says that the more caffeine you take, more acid will you secrete? So the bigger the dose the better? Seeing great results with 400 mg per meal.
  7. Tried a few 200mg caffeine pills the last couple of days and am now suffering from quite bad acid reflux.
  8. I think that mct oil could help with acid reflux from coffee but I am not sure about caffeine.