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Butter Doesn't Raise Body Temp. Coconut Oil Does. Why ?


Dec 21, 2014
Is there a reason for this ? I thought all saturated fat would act in the same way.


Nov 9, 2012
In theory, I think both should. Coconut oil produces ketones that are metabolised quickly, just like sugar. Butter and its longer chains fats promote uncoupling so should also produce heat. In practice, maybe the heat production depends on how much you ate and how long you're waiting to get the effect. It's hard to eat butter by the spoonfuls, for example, and it's not absorbed immediately. So if you just ate butter as a one-off and the butter fatty acids are out-competed with lots of glucose from your diet, I'm also not sure if you should be expecting heat from the fatty acids (in the short term they won't be oxidised due to insulin).


Oct 5, 2014
uuy8778yyi said:
Is there a reason for this ? I thought all saturated fat would act in the same way.

I think coconut oil has a much higher proportion of MCT than butter, so the fat in cc oil is different than the one in butter, although both are saturated. That's why you feel a difference.

MCTs are absorved more quickly than LCTFAs and don't require a few physiological reactions like, for instance, the use of biliar salts.

Have a look to Medium Chain Triglycerides on wikipedia.



Oct 5, 2014
I forgot to say that butter has MCT's also but in a quite smaller proportion than cc oil


Aug 15, 2015
Butter is hard to digest so you get no energy from it if you dont absorb it, it is the same with fructose if you have fructose malabsorption you can lower your blood sugar instead of rising it when you eat fruits.
Coconut fats some say are directly absorbed in intestine. To digest butter you need stomach acid, bile and lipase - its not easy unless the butter is raw, then it have lipase.
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