Brewer's Yeast A Cure For Diabetes And More..


Mar 15, 2018
is the estrogen in the yeast just phytoestrogens ? I mean even things like peaches and prunes have phytoestrogen, I doubt its really that bad. Soy and flax have an crazy amount so those are worth avoiding, but besides that doesn't seem to be a big problem. the bigger problem is gas from the fiber in the sediment
Peaches are goitrogenic so take what you want from that.


Jun 13, 2019
Peaches are goitrogenic so take what you want from that.
I agree i'm not a big fan of them personally, but I don't think the phytoestrogen part is that bad. rather the fiber is a bigger issue, same with prunes, and same with yeast. I'm no big expert on phytoestrogens however

Rinse & rePeat

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Mar 10, 2021
“Zinc, as in oysters, and potassium and the B vitamins, as in brewer’s yeast, are sometimes necessary. Many people get gas from the complex carbohydrates in yeast. This can be prevented by steeping a tablespoonful in a cup of boiling water, and drinking only the yellow liquid and throwing away the sediment. Protein is lost, but the other nutrients are highly soluble.” -Ray Peat

Whew! I found this quote on....
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