Borderline Personality Disorder And Estrogen



Estrogen fluctuations, oral contraceptives and borderline personality

Results from three studies suggest fluctuation in estrogen level may influence the expression of borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms. In the first study, 226 women were administered the Personality Assessment inventory, borderline scales (PAI-BOR; L.C. Morey, The Personality Assessment Inventory, Professional Manual, 1991) and a questionnaire that assessed time in menstrual cycle and use of oral contraceptives, that is synthetic estrogens. BPD symptoms were most common in women using oral contraceptives and during times in the menstrual cycle when estrogen level is rising. In Study 2, 52 women were measured four times across one menstrual cycle and provided salivary samples at each test session. The samples were assayed and estrogen levels were obtained. The principle finding was that variation in estrogen levels predicted the presence of BPD symptoms (r=0.4, p0.01). This relationship remained significant when a general increase in negative affect was statistically controlled. Study 3 employed a pre–post Oral Contraceptive (OC) design with a control group. It was found that for women with high pre-existing levels of BPD, symptoms became significantly worse after starting pill use (F (3,42)=4.7; p0.01). Research findings that link the serotonin system and estrogen are reviewed and theoretical and practical implications are discussed.


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I think there is very little awareness about borderline personality disorder. They can function very well in a lot of areas, and it's hard to believe that they would be so disabled in another.

Giving birth control pills with so little hesitation exacerbates the disorder unnecessarily.
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