Boiling Meat: Does It Leach The Muscle Protein Into The Liquid?


Aug 12, 2019
I am aware that collagen from gelatinous cuts of meat will leach into the water as gelatin but what about the other protein? What would happen if you boiled a steak for 3-4 hours? would all the protein be in the water?

I'm trying to work out how much protein would still be left in the oxtail meat after a 3-4 hour simmer.


Feb 6, 2016
maryland, USA
If you've ever made broth, you know that a significant portion does not dissolve, no matter how long you cook. It breaks down into particles but it can still be settled out, or strained out with a chinois, and some portions can be removed with an egg raft.

Some of the proteins dissolve, some coagulate and remain suspended.
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