Blood acidosis protects against cancer


Jan 1, 2013
This comes from the works of Andre Gernez, who summarized all the theories about cancer and devised a prevention program based on acidosis through fast and a targeting of immature cancer cells at their most vulnerable period, during their division (lasts 2 hours only)

2 - Role of metabolic acidosis.

" Acidosis is an unfavorable state for the development of the cancer cell, while alkalosis contributes to its hatching. "This rule was established by the Belgian scientist Reding.
Warburg was the first to observe and explain it. After a certain degree of acidification, cancer can no longer use the sugar it is fond of.
Statistics show that the world records for non-cancerization are held by human groups that stand out for a record of periods of acidosis, whatever the origin :
- living conditions (malnutrition),
- eating habits (monastic),
- diseases: uremia; arteriosclerosis: in arteriosclerotic patients (in whom abnormal hypermagnesinemia is otherwise constant), the rate of cancerization passes from 35.7% to 18.7%. The same is true in azotemic nephritis; severe diabetes. This negative correlation between cancer and diabetes, previously observed when diabetes was not corrected, is found today among North American Indians, in whom the high frequency of diabetes is associated with a very low rate of cancerization (5897 deaths from 1950 to 1967).
- social habits (some Asian populations).

The same is true for the cell groups that make up the organism, and for the same reason. The lowest rate of cancerization is held by the most acidic tissue, muscle (pH<7), which hardly ever cancerizes and which is so unfavorable to cancerization that metastases (distant extensions) of cancers from other organs are unable to graft to it, whereas all other tissues, even bone, host them.
The rare cancers whose cure is spontaneous (1 case out of 90,000), always heal following an intense and prolonged fever whose translation on the body's cellular environment is an acidosis.
The use, for more than half a century, of major anti-infectious drugs (antibiotics) and
the almost systematic use of anti-fever products has eliminated these acidotic episodes caused by the banal procession of common febrile infections (angina, abscesses, etc.) which are now fought as soon as they appear. The disappearance of these spontaneous acidotic episodes contributes to the increase in cancerization, the effect of these phases acidosing36 being all the more important as the cancer cells are not very developed. Note: Blood acidosis leads to tissue alkalosis, which can be toxic. The solution is not to acidify our blood permanently but periodically to help eliminate the mutated cells.

3 - Supplement in "vital substances": vitamins and trace elements.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Prof. Pierre Delbet compared the frequency of cancer and the magnesium content of the soil. It appeared that countries, such as Belgium, whose soil is poor in magnesium, hold records for cancerization. 37 The antagonism between magnesium and cancer was so obvious that it was believed at one time that magnesium deficiency was the only cause of cancer. In fact, it was one of the deficiencies whose existence disadvantages the healthy cell in cell selection.
Since then, other deficiencies have been discovered that also promote the competition that abnormal cells have with healthy cells and thus promote cancerization. For example, an iron deficiency promotes a form of throat cancer in Sweden, a copper deficiency promotes stomach cancer in England, while in Japan, which holds the record for stomach cancer, the deficiency is of the B vitamin.
The lack of these elements necessary for the healthy cell to compete successfully with abnormal cells promotes the survival and implantation of cancer cells.

However, magnesium is of particular importance because it is essential for all cells in the body to divide normally, whereas cancer cells are satisfied with substitute catalysts for their divisions. A magnesium deficiency is therefore a factor that is especially favorable for all cancer cells in the body in cell selection.
Why does this magnesium deficiency have a general significance?

36 Great importance of this notion of acid phase. It is not the constant acidity of the blood that is unfavorable to cancers, but the fact that there are episodes of
of acidification, hence the notion of an annual cure.
See the book by Professor Pierre Delbet: "Politique préventive du cancer. "Edition
Denoël 1944, republished by Editions de La Vie Claire in 1963.
When considering the pattern of RNA (ribonucleic acid, one of the two acids observed in the cell nuclei) synthesis, one particularity strikes the observer. At almost all stages of the pattern, one notices the letters Mg. This is magnesium. It is necessary for the terminal RNA to be organized. RNA is the acid that regulates cell division. Magnesium intervenes directly so that the cells divide normally.
Is it running out? The division is still going on, but not as well. The cell proceeds by substituting an ersatz for this natural catalyst: potassium for example. This substitution does not bother the cancer cell which, unlike the healthy cell, is much less difficult and uses other catalysts of lesser quality.
Magnesium deficiency, which acts in a way favorable to the cancer cell in cell selection, is a phenomenon that, once limited to certain regions that are geologically deprived of it, is tending to become universalized due to overabundant inputs, which are also substitutes, such as potassium fertilizers, in modern farming habits.

There are countless symposia, reports, congresses and various studies on this issue and they attribute to magnesium a central role in most of the dysfunctions of our cells.

In principle, magnesium must therefore be supplied to the body to ensure the recharging of its cells. This recharge is particularly slow, especially in people who constitutionally have difficulty in fixing this element, and this supply must be maintained during the cure. This intake should be constant by periodic cures, for example 20 days per month, under medical supervision with control of blood and globular magnesium."

From the book
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May 30, 2018
Dry fast would probably be even better :

There is almost no study (that I know of) of prolonged dry fasting on rats. The only one (which is more like calorie restriction with water restriction) is this one by a guy in his garage, whose story is almost too good to be true (if significant).

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