Blake and the alchemical imagination

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    "There is a spiritual obligation, there is a task to be done. It is not, however, something as simple as following a set of somebody else's rules. The noetic enterprise is a primary obligation toward being. Our salvation is linked to it. Not everyone has to read alchemical texts or study superconducting biomolecules to make the transition. Most people make it naively by thinking clearly about the present at hand, but we intellectuals are trapped in a world of too much information. Innocence is gone for us. We cannot expect to cross the rainbow bridge through a good act of contrition; that will not be sufficient.
    We have to understand. Whitehead said, "Understanding is the apperception of pattern as such"; to fear death is to misunderstand life. Cognitive activity is the defining act of humanness. Language, thought, analysis, art, dance, poetry, mythmaking: these are the things that point the way toward the realm of the eschaton. We humans may be released into a realm of pure self-engineering. The imagination is everything. This was Blake's perception. This is where we came from. This is where we are going. And it is only to be approached through cognitive activity.


    William Blake as Biological visionary. Can art instruct science?

    [mod=moderator]Moderator Message: This is not from Ray Peat's article as cited above but something written by Terence McKenna in an article entitled New Maps of Hyperspace. Source[/mod]
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    So glad this evil fake quote got highlighted. I almost figured it out by myself, but then a mod came to my rescue and freed my from my burden to think without relying on authority.
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    It was a quote that was posted in the Ray Peat quote area that was not Ray Peat. It was also attributed to someone that wasn't the source of the quote. So the post was moved to the "Random Quotes" area and a note added giving the correct source.
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    Arguing with idiots is typically a waste of time. When someone is selling contaminated food, and you alert somebody, he is going to whine that you are not letting people think for themselves. I wouldn't try to educate people like that.
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    Tip: Next time you want to "think for yourself", stop reading the text in red as soon as you read "Moderator Message".
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    I feel like the Peatarians are refugees that have been forced out of their home and into a strange land where they don't fit in.
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    Oh, don't worry. The peatarians are the superior species. This forum will ultimately have to adapt to us. :twisted:
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    True for now, but it could get better; Peat's views are gaining momentum online. If nothing else, we Peatians are losing weight, looking and feeling good, and they (pretty much everyone else) aren't. Eventually the haters may have to admit we're right.
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    By Peatarians I think he means people who usually visit who were forced to post here because was down temporarily.