Black Seeds Raised My Temperature More Than Dessicated Thyroid Ever Has


May 10, 2017
Yes, it is true the PUFA filled seeds raised my temperature from 97.1 to 98.6! One idea I had is I know manganese is important for thyroid and many microbes LOVE manganese. Black seed has high antimicrobial activities so maybe I was finally able to utilize the manganese? It's also highly relaxing. I take some seeds chew on them and let them sit in my mouth for a few minutes then spit them out. Kinda a opiod like feeling which I know is a huge no no, but they obviously raised my metabolic rate. It also had some direutic properties getting rid of the sodium fluff... reminiscent of progesterone. Anybody have a clue why these raise my temperature so much? And you may not believe me but try it and tell me different.


Mar 15, 2014
By "Black seed" you're referring to black cumin right? (Nigella sativa)


Jun 4, 2018
Black cumin seed seems to be an exceptional food. Ray speculates it works by lowering nitric oxide.


May 8, 2017
Black cumin seeds contain something called thymoquinone which is responsible for most of the beneficial effects, based on what I have read. I think there are studies on thymoquinone lowering TSH and raising t3 after weeks of use, plus it has a bunch of other benefits. I think the powder has less pufa than the seeds and oil


Jul 29, 2020
Starches and salt raise my temperature to almost hyperthyroid state. Does that mean they are good for me? Sadly, I've learned to say no to them.
I need to work on getting my steel gut. Too much bacteriaea.

Glad Nigella is working for you. If you feel no ill after effects, I don't see a reason why not.

Think Percieve & Act


Jan 25, 2016
Great will try the seeds as I am always cold . Have Hashimoto
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