Biotin May Lower Carnitin Production And Suppress Beta Oxidation


Jan 6, 2015
Targeting demyelination and virtual hypoxia with high-dose biotin as a treatment for progressive multiple sclerosis - ScienceDirect

Malonyl-CoA also coordinates the balance between fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation. As cytosolic levels of malonyl-CoA increase, the rate of fatty acid synthesis increases; as peri-mitochondrial levels of malonyl-CoA from the reaction catalyzed by ACC2 increase, carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT1) is inhibited and the rate of fatty acid transport into mitochondria decreases leading to reduced fatty acid beta oxidation (Foster, 2012; McGarry et al., 1978). Therefore, high-dose biotin may be acting as a promyelinogenic agent through its role as a cofactor for ACC1 and ACC2

And other studies also shown that biotin lowers free fatty acid levels.
Biotin Decreases Serum Free Fatty Acids
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