Bioactive monolaurin as an antimicrobial and its potential to improve the immune system and against COVID-19: a review

Nov 16, 2012

"Monolaurin is monoacylglycerol which is a bioactive lipid since it can affect the human biological systems. This review discusses the bioactive properties of monolaurin, especially its role as an antibacterial, immune system enhancement, and its ability as an antiviral so that it has the potential to fight against various viral attacks. Monolaurin can act as an antibacterial in inhibiting the growth of several pathogenic bacteria, especially gram-positive bacteria. Monolaurin is known to be able to enhance the immune system through modulation of various immune systems, controlling pro-inflammatory cytokines, activating and attracting leukocytes to the site of infection. Monolaurin can also act as an antiviral, especially against enveloped viruses, such as Maedi-visna virus, vesicular stomatitis, herpes simplex-1, measles, HIV, cytomegalovirus, influenza, and corona. Monolaurin inhibits the virus through the mechanism of the disintegration of the viral membrane, prevents binding of the viral protein to the host-cell membrane, inhibits the process of assembling the viral RNA, and the process of virus maturation in the replication cycle. Therefore monolaurin has the potential for human consumption to boost the immune system and ward off various virus attacks, including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is the cause of COVID-19 which became a pandemic in the world."

I've always been partial to Monolaurin as an antiviral/antibacterial and had a hunch way back in March that stocking up on it would be a good idea in the face of this virus fiasco. Even though it has not directly been proven effective against Covid, it has been shown to be effective against several similar viruses, and now the scientific community seems to be wising up to that potential idea as well.

I would wager that between having this at hand and being Vitamin D replete you really have no more reason to worry about this bug than about any other potential infection in your lifetime.

Nicole W.

Nov 28, 2016
Same. I stocked up too because I have lots of first hand experience with how valuable a tool monolaurin is. I have used monolaurin off and on for years and it has always pulled me through. Colds, the flu, food poisoning, upset tummy from eating something disagreeable, you name it. Had a couple of bouts with food poisoning in the past and was able to stop it in its tracks with monolaurin. No need to ride out the nightmare of food poisoning. I have a cold right now that was getting pretty severe....until I started taking a lot of progesterone and a lot of monolaurin. Totally winning combination that had me back on my feet in no time. I feel fine now, with just a little cough. Literally, its a night and day difference.


Mar 29, 2016
@yerrag Any experience with monolaurin for its antimicrobial benefits??
I haven't used it. I've just used VCO and coconut milk as part of curry dishes. I think grated coconut flesh allows the vco to not be absorbed by the small intestine, with the vco being released from the coconut flesh once in the colon, so it could have more potent action on gut bacteria.

If you're taking vco or mct or monolaurin, they easily get absorbed through the small intestine and goes directly to the liver, where it gets metabolized and loses a lot of its potency as antibacterials, as after going through the liver, little of the oil is left to go through the blood vessels.