Big Ag bill part of fiscal cliff legislation

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    This is pretty broad to be considered health related, feel free to delete if you want, Charlie. Raw milk availability is my biggest concern, and pastured chickens and grass fed beef, all from small farms in my experience.

    The Environmental Working Group sent out an alert about this legistation:

    For weeks, advocates for corporate mega-farms have been covertly trying to jam a $1 trillion farm bill into legislation designed to avert America's fiscal crisis.

    Why are they doing this? They don't want to give House reformers a chance to cut subsidies to the largest and most profitable farm businesses - the best way to relieve some of the budget pressure that threatens support for local and organic farming, conservation and anti-hunger aid.

    EWG is leading the fight against this travesty, which would continue to pour money into industrial commodity farms that are already seeing record profits.

    There is a petition about it here

    Help spread the word if you're of a mind to.