Besides Carrots, Potatoes And Bamboo Shoots: Any Other Vegetables Ok?


Apr 14, 2013
Are there any vegetables besides carrots, potatoes, and bamboo shoots that are ok, after cooking them well of course?

I crave some green beans and broccoli sometimes.

I've read that Ray Peat will drink kale broth...what's with that? I would think this would provide such a small amount of nutrients that it'd be a waste of time to consume.


Jan 27, 2013
What I understand is, root vegetables have evolved to have chemical defenses against fungi and other below ground creatures, but not mammals. So they are safe for humans to eat.

Leaves on the other hand, have evolved chemicals which defend against mammals, and so can cause problems for humans. Ruminants have the mega-bellies which properly digest the leaves, deal with the toxins, and absorb the leaf nutrition.

I think stalks are ok. Of course fruits are ok.

So, correct me if I'm wrong:
Beetroot, sweet potato, burdock, parsnips, squash, pumpkin, cucumber, celery, leeks, onions, garlic, ginger, celeriac, jerusalem artichokes (yeuch), tomatoes, aubergine, peppers are all ok as long as you tolerate them.

Seeds can be a problem. Nightshades can be a problem for some people, but then potatoes would be in that category too. Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes and carrots can be a problem.

I think the two you mention, beans and crucifers, are two to particularly avoid according to Peat, and especially if you have a thyroid condition. But if you crave them, you could have some anyway!

If in doubt, eat veggies well-cooked with butter and salt. The main thing is not to rely on them as main sources of nutrition.

I wonder about flowers? Artichokes, capers, cloves, etc etc. Also, fungi?

I agree that green beans are tasty!


Sep 19, 2016
The general consensus seems to be if its a fruit, and tastes good on its own, its good. If it grows underground, it's good. If it's a mushroom, and boiled for a while before consumption, it's good. This is all the peat approved stuff.

As for beans, legumes, and seeds, I've reached a personal conclusion that if one eats them, it should be in a sprouted form, where vitamins are made bioavailable, and fats tend to be lowered; converting from a more protected mode, to a growth mode. These are okay in moderation, and particularly in this form, might be even good on a daily basis. This is not derived from peat however, and instead taken from information throughout multiple forums and as such is not "Peat approved as far as I understand.

Leaves, in the case of kale (and I'd like to assume other types of leaves as well,) are great specifically in the form of a broth for their vitamins and minerals separated from their usually thyroid suppressing protective molecules. Boiling for a few seconds, and then removing that water, and then replacing that water, boiling, and then serving, I've heard, is best as it tends to remove any of those thyroid suppressing molecules in good amounts. Other people have their opinions on that matter however, and that leaves, leaves, in the "Okay in moderation" section while also being peat approved (Kale broth in particular.)

Spices that are hot can raise NO.

Barks seem to be okay, but not peat approved unless it's salicylic acid, and cascara, but good information has been shown surrounding cinnamon amongst the forum.

Hopefully some vegetables will come out to be good on this forum. I can't imagine all of them being bad. They're akin to fruits in a lot of cases, and that seems to be the most peat approved source of nutrition of all.

The reality is as stated before by others is that these things are all minor in comparison to the majority of food eaten in a day. Unless you're impaired exponentially, eating these things in small amounts should be fine in general.


May 7, 2014
Leafy green vegetables are the only significant source of vitamin K1. Not sure what the consensus on here is nowadays on substituting K2 for K1, but I personally would just play it safe and eat a small amount of leafy green vegetables daily. A cup of leeks, green onion, broccoli, swiss chard etc. is enough to get your daily K1. Just cook them well and you'll be fine. Just breathing for 10 minutes in any major city will probably expose you to more toxins than that cup of vegetables.
If you're really worried for some reason, cooked lettuce is probably the blandest most harmless leaf you can eat for K1.
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Mar 10, 2016
cauliflower is fine if you don't have thyroid stuff wrong with you. No reason to rule out food that's good and tastes good.

Peater Piper

Mar 18, 2016
Intestinal flora plays a role in how much goitrogens from veggies may affect you, so you really need to test foods on yourself. Cruciferous veggies seem to really hammer some people's metabolism, yet others consume high amounts without issue. Same goes for nightshades, with extreme sensitivity in some to practically none in others. If you feel like ass shortly after eating something then it's probably not good for you, even if it's Peat approved. I eat some veggies and enjoy them.
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