Belated introduction


Mar 15, 2013
Hi guys, I've already posted in a few places around the board, but thought I'd formally introduce myself anyway. I'm 24, female, from the UK. I've been researching health and nutrition topics for the best part of a decade and, so far, Ray's info makes the most sense, both intuitively and according my own experience. I royally f*cked up my health during my teens when I embarked upon a "healthy" near-starvation diet (mostly vegan, zero sugar, grain-and-veg based) - ugh! After a few months of this I experienced massive rebound weight gain, hair growth on face, insomnia and just general feeling like a walking corpse. It's been an uphill struggle ever since, although obviously, I had health problems to start with otherwise I'd never have embarked upon a crazy diet to try and cure it.

I've been tending towards a Peat-style diet for >1year, but only recently have I committed to doing it properly, partially due to losing my enjoyment of non-Peat foods. I've also quit taking a lot of supplements (I used to be a supplement junkie), many of which contain harmful additives and seemed to cause knock-on detrimental effects in addition to any benefits they seemed to impart. Oh, and I've been using an infrared heat lamp and a 10,000 lux SAD lamp which are very helpful.

I'm currently studying a nutritional therapy course with the eventual aim of becoming a practitioner, possibly, in the future. This is a somewhat frustrating course because of its emphasis on the health benefits of EFAs, the vilification of sugar and salt, and the emphasis on vegetables and grains. I feel paralysed to say anything to contradict this during my classes, because I don't yet have a solid enough grasp of Peat's theories to really put forth a persuasive argument. To counteract such deeply ingrained nutritional dogma, I'd have to come up with pretty damn amazing reasoning.

Anyhow, my health appears to be getting steadily better with my current protocol. I'm going to enjoy discussing Peat's theories via the forum, and sharing any insights, inspiration or improvements that I have. See you around! :D


Jul 22, 2012
Welcome, Daisyjane!
I can well imagine it must be difficult
studying hard to regurgitate exactly why
EFAs and grains are crucial for good health
and why sugars are deadly. :D


Jan 27, 2013
A good way to argue with the teacher is asking simple questions like I read sodium regulates blood pressure so why is salt harmful?


Nov 20, 2012
Tennessee, USA
My welcome, also. This might be a tough road to walk, but mastering the course dogma will be a good thing in the long run. You will be able to differentiate the dogma from the truth when you go into practice, and understand why. Pregnenelone improves learning ;)

Best, BD


Aug 9, 2012
BingDing, I guess people tell themselves that, but I'm not confident of that anymore.
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