Beef Gelatine Vs Pork Gelatine?

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Feb 16, 2013
I use beef gelatine as a protein supplement as it is easy to digest and as Ray Peat says it balances the amino acid profile of muscle meat, however pork gelatine is cheaper to buy.

My question is, is beef gelatine preferred over pork gelatine for any reason?

Also, does anyone know what percentage protein in ones diet can come from gelatine?


Apr 18, 2018
Oh really? Never considered pork gelatin. Did you find a suitable one on Amazon or something?


Oct 1, 2019
Also, does anyone know what percentage protein in ones diet can come from gelatine?

Gelatin, stress, longevity
"In some of the older studies, therapeutic results improved when the daily gelatin was increased. Since 30 grams of glycine was commonly used for treating muscular dystrophy and myasthenia gravis, a daily intake of 100 grams of gelatin wouldn't seem unreasonable, and some people find that quantities in that range help to decrease fatigue. For a growing child, though, such a large amount of refined gelatin would tend to displace other important foods. The National Academy of Sciences recently reviewed the requirements for working adults (male and female soldiers, in particular), and suggested that 100 grams of balanced protein was needed for efficient work. For adults, a large part of that could be in the form of gelatin."

Peato Diet

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Feb 16, 2013
Oh really? Never considered pork gelatin. Did you find a suitable one on Amazon or something?
You can get beef gelatin, pork gelatin and fish gelatin on eBay. Beef gelatin is the most expensive which is why i am curious to know if it is desired over other sources of gelatin.

MM Ingredients | eBay Stores

I mix 30 grams of gelatin into half a pint of orange juice and microwave it for about 120 seconds stirring in-between to dissolve the gelatin.
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