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Beard Growth

  1. Alright. So I'm 27 and still don't have much facial hair growth on my cheeks at all, just a little on my chin and in mustache area.

    Ive been trying to increase facial hair for a year or so with not much success.

    I have done research and seen YouTube videos about using minoxidil applied to the face to grow a beard. Many have had great success with it. I would like to try it, but it supposedly can increase nitric oxide levels. My question is this: if I take lysine, methylene blue, and things of that nature to lower systemic nitric oxide, would that neutralize the harmful effects of minoxidil systemically?

    Just need opinions. Anyone tried this? The results are impressive...

    Yes I know facial hair is and the lack thereof is a vain and superficial thing, but not having facial hair and being almost 30 in today's society is tough...Lol. Thanks for the help!
  2. Pansterone on the scrotum. Made my hair thicker, both beard and scalp, and filled in parts of my face that have been static for years.
  3. I have no idea if this will work, but castor oil is said to make hair grow if you use a vehicle (alcohol). I'm going to try it soon for my scalp and was thinking of putting a little on my cheeks where the hair is sparse. I tried rogaine in the past and it gave me nausea to the point where it wasn't worth it, even the low strength women's version.

    And seriously, people often talk about hair growing like crazy with the castor oil. I started growing (unwanted) arm hair when I was taking it orally (though remaining a skeptic, I still wonder if it was due to nofap or something else, but there is definitely hair where I previously had none). There may be other options as well (DHT?). What else have you tried?
  4. I think that the only thing that would work is hair implantation, the other things with nitric oxide to stimulate beard growth seem like a commercial scam but I'm not sure.
  5. how many drops were you using?
  6. I use pansterone on scrotum already with androsterone. It has been amazing for muscle growth and hardness, mood, etc. But I haven't noticed that much facial hair growth. Maybe a little thicker on my chin.
  7. Yeah castor oil works for sure. Either topically or orally.

    Minox also stimulates PGE1 just like how castor oil stimulates PGE2, both signs of hair growth (but not really peat friendly since PGE1/PGE2 is inflammatory), while PGD2 is prevents hair growth.

    Topical DHEA made my hair thicker too...I added some to solban.

    Increasing oral gelatin intake made my hair darker and slightly thicker too.
  8. I have been applying Minoxidil on my face for a year, before I became aware of peat( I stopped due to side effects). It definitely works, I had zero hairs on my sides and after a year it filled out nice. It is still thin and I still have some patches.

    Since 2 months I have applied pansterone on the scrotum, I noticed a few new hairs and some hairs are slightly thicker but nothing out of the ordinary.

    I think if you really want a beard, minoxodil is a better solution than a hair transplant. my two cents

    Do you mean applying DHEA and solban on the beard area?
  9. What side effects? Did you keep your "beard gains" after stopping?
  10. @PUTFOT
    I got dermatitis, dry skin and a bloated face. However some people of the minoxidil beard community got very few side effects (So the side effects are very individual dependent). I switched from liquid minoxidil to a foam one, which helped with the dermatitis.

    I still have the beard gains, I also experienced more hair on the legs and arms. The leg hair fell off after stopping with the application. the arm hair is still existing.
  11. I started on Minox yesterday. I know it's not peat friendly but I am in excellent health, and will be mitigating the bad systemic effects of "NO" by taking 1 drop MB in the morning and 1000mg lysine at night. Already experiencing dry skin on day 2 lol
  12. Nice. Did you feel any anti-dht effects? Minox sounds good for improving my beard. What do you think causes the bloated face, can't be estrogen can it?
  13. I don't know for sure, my libido was okay in the time I applied Minox.

    I think the stress/ inflammation due to minox is responsible for the bloating. Ray said something in his article: "Water: swelling, tension, pain, fatigue, aging" about swelling of the sell due to stress. ("Intense excitation or stress increases the cell's electrically negative charges, and causes it to become more alkaline and to swell.")
  14. Pretty sure castor oil would be safer than minoxidil
  15. I too had your problem a few years ago. I am currently 25. What really helped me were supplements. Particularly Vitamin D, Fish oil, and a T Booster. I have a much thicker beard now. Still a few patches but when I let it grow I can usually cover the patches now. Also a steady workout and good diet tends to help. But if you can't grow one I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  16. Hey any more info on caster oil? Does it affect dht estrogen?

    I'm looking for beard-growth strategies that fall in line with Ray Peat's philosophy.

    Thanks in advance to all responses.
  17. Seems monounsaturated like olive oil? I might try it, you? :ss2
  18. Been using minoxidil morning and night for about 2.5 weeks. Seeing new vellus hairs on cheeks where I previously did not have them. Not having any noticeable effects systemically. I take 1mg MB a day, eat great, workout a couple times a week, etc. Pulse and temps are good. I'll take pics after a couple more weeks of before after progress if anyone is interested.
  19. If you have good results with it. Keep us posted.

    Read that it increases PEG2.
  20. Yes.
  21. I am going to try it too. Are you going to apply it topically or orally and what dosage are you going to use?
  22. I would rub it in I guess... so enough but not too much that you get all greasy...
  23. I promised an update on Minoxidil for beard growth so here it is. Been using it morning and night for 8 weeks (not long relative to how long you are supposed to use it...at least a year). Also about 2 weeks ago I began applying some topical DHT once a day (after washing with water, and not near my minox application time) to facilitate vellus hairs maturing. My results have been incredible. My cheeks have always been hairless and I have not had much for a mustache or goatee. Keep in mind this is 8 weeks only. Usually it takes 3-4 months to see noticeable results. Needless to say, I am super pumped about where I am and what is to come.
  24. :darts::darts::darts:
  25. Which topical DHT?
  26. Holy ***t. The hair was there just waiting to grow. Do you think that stopping minox would make your cheeks go back to the way they were? That's hard to imagine, considering how thick the hair looks.
  27. I use idea labs.
  28. For real! I am amazed! I believe once the hair is terminal, if Minox is stopped, it will be permanent. That's why people stay on it for a year or two before quitting, so all the hairs reach maturity and won't fall out after that.
  29. This is so awesome man. I think I might just skip the castor oil and do a minox trial. This also would inform my theory of hair as a stress response between organism and environment. Stay tuned.
  30. So people with hair loss are super chill and under no stress?
  31. No their skin is energetically inadequate to respond to the stress of being at the edge of the organism. This is why controlled stress such as minoxidil sometimes works and why providing energy to deal with stress (like through red light) sometimes works.
  32. Ohhh I gotcha!
  33. Last night ,When I was watching stupid Japanese TV show about Health.
    In the TV show,1 female doctor says,' Increased Beard growth speed is unhealthy.' 'Its a sign of under the stress .
    she says like that.

    and I thought this is bull ***t.
    basically,Beard growth speed is depend on DHT level. and hairs on shoulder,back, inside of the ear are the sign of high cortisol level.

    am I wrong?
  34. Would the same thing work for hairline? Minox and dht (separately)?
  35. A couple of members reported that when they are doing better mentally and physically (without supplements) their beard grew slower and was softer too.
  36. Thats interesting.
    maybe that means They has less convertion of T into DHT.
  37. When i was 26 i had like 5 hair as mustache and no beard at all, if i remember correct. That year i added eating breakfast and added salt to my diet and i got a beard and mustache improvements within weeks. So today i have a beard and mustache but its not "completed" (probably), its like 50% completed... If that make sense.

    It would probably be even better if i "controlled" stress more.
  38. Opposite for me. When I feel great and energetic, my beard is mighty thick and coarse. I can't imagine fluffy beard being a sign of good male health. That's an old man's beard.
  39. I agree with Sheik, as I too have no such idea whether it will actually work. Yes, Jamaican Black castor oil is used to stimulate hair growth, again olive oil is also popular for beard growth. So, according to me, you should look out for some beard products with such hair growth stimulating ingredients present. Beside using these products, you can even take some beard vitamins supplements to promote beard growth in healthier way.
  40. My moustache has filled in amazingly since January. I wish I took some progress shots because the difference is staggering. I am not sure what I've been doing. A lot of D3 (7000iu), K2, occasional A, lots of coffee, lots of sugar, nicotine, full dose Pansterone daily, aspirin. I usually gorge on food before bed (my meds make me hungry), usually a shitload of sorbet, at least 500mL-1L. I don't eat much meat since our rental is too cramped for cooking. I get most protein via milk, greek yogurt and protein powders.

    I really don't know. I guess I'd have to credit it to the Pansterone.
  41. I thought Pansterone also made my beard grow faster. Going to try topical KetoDHT and see if it thickens up. I have a small patch where no hair has ever grown among the rest of my beard, so will experiment there first.
  42. I remember putting on my face a mask of the brand Lush, called "Cosmetic Warrior" and having increased beard growth (thickness, color and density). I had some new hairs that appeared instantaneously on my cheeks, stache and chin. It was containing garlic, tea tree oil which are both antifungical and antibacterial and some grapefruit, which stimulates the circulation and increase nitric oxide and blood flow and heals the skin because of with antioxydant content. I'm pretty sure this happened because of some pores being cleaned of nasty stuff. A good sulfur soap will probably have this effect.

    Also, I've used recently some Head and Shoulders (classic bottle) and had lot of new hairs sprouting like increasing density. The beard hairs were finer and less pigmented probably because the zinc pyrithione reduce DHT a little and hence sebum production and hair thickness. Hair is less lubrificated and smooth. But things returns to the normal when stopping the shampoo, and density was conserved.

    I'm persuaded that on people with oily skin that dealed with acne and dark spots, some clogged pores and scar tissue (in which blood flow doesn't operate) are actually inhibiting hair from sprouting. I've applied some Retin-A in winter (for one mounth) and his unclogging pores effect which shrink dilated pores, the boost it gives to collagen production, and his power to induce new cell and to heal broken capillaries helped my skin to heal and remodel herself and i had lot of increase in thickness and new hair sprouting from the healed pores. It has been more powerful than minoxidil, which i used for one year and seems to help induce follicule linear growth but can make a hard time to create thick terminal hairs.

    The three last things that seemed to have a big effect on beard growing were castor oil orally (if applied topically it will clogg the pores and therefore prevent follicle growth on the clogged pores zones). It increases a lot color and thickness and even seems to help new hairs developping on some thin areas. But I'm using it only for two weeks, so now let see if it will continue. Also, some dermaroller sessions are good for remodeling skin and remove scar tissue, increasing blood flow and inducing growth factors, building new collagen, and boosting absorbtion (by 1000 times) of any topical. I've always used copper peptides serum and an intense hydratation complex by the french brand Aroma Zone (with glycine, B3, fructose, Urea, Lactic acid, Inositol and a few other compounds in it) after any dermaroller session. It do wonders for clogged and atrophied pores, and for accelerating terminal hair development, and copper peptides works in the same direction, increasing both thickness and color and contains a lot of moisturing ingredients (glycerine, vitamin E, aloe vera and glycine). I think optimal skin hydratation is also a big factor which will contition a nice beard growing.

    Oral supplements never seemed to do the trick, appart some vitamins complex, magnesium and copper pills (helped with the color in a impressive way), but also L Carnitine and Mucuna Pruriens because of theirs effects on the androgen receptors (nofap can work in that way. 2 mounth periods seemed to have also positive effects on beard growing and from preventing acne). Eating some Sorghum, glycine and consuming some Tribulus with 95 percent of steroidal saponins increased thickness and hairs grow faster because of their direct effect on 5 alpha reductase.

    I've ordered some Pansterone and i'm gonna see if it has an effect. To conclude, I will say that good skin health (well hydrated skin, fungus, acne and dark spots/clogged pores removal, scar tissue healing, and blood flow improvement), a natural optimization of DHT and free testosterone (reducing SHBG is important too), curing nutritionnal deficiencies (copper, magnesium, vitamin A in my case), and reducing stress (nasal and bag breathing are the more important things for me). But the topicals solutions were probably the strongest factors, with the following state of importance : minoxidil, derma roller, retin a, castor oil (but use it orally) copper peptides, and sulfur. Adding some Pansterone on the face will probably fill the hormonal feeding my follicules are acually needing at the root of the hair. Thyroid doesn't seems to be so important because when my TSH was at 0.4, T3 and T4 at 6.2 and 14.4 pmol/L, (quasi hyperthyroid), my beard seemed to stagnate beacause of the increased SHBG which was preventing hormones to reach the skin. Fructose, magnesium, increased fat and carb consumption and a heavy caloric diet with a high carb to protein ratio, high fat soluble vitamins nourishement, and some extra sleep, will do the trick.
  43. any luck? where were you applying the pansterone?
  44. Didn't do anything. Pansterone made my beard grow quicker. Keto dht seemed to make it halt.
  45. doesnt higher testoesterone increase beard growth
  46. did you notice any shedding with either? there's a youtube video of a guy who used andractim, and he thinks he experienced some shedding of vellus hairs, which likely means those shedded hairs are going terminal. also, did you apply it to your face?
  47. I didn't apply it to my face. I did not notice any shedding. I did notice other positive things related to genials, like more urine pressure, and less peeing at night.
  48. Hey guys, just wanted to revive this convo thread. What worked for you ? Minox? DHT cream ?
  49. Orally :
    - MSM (impressve effect, makes your beard hairs as thick as iron)
    - Castor Oil (PEG2 increase)
    - Sorghum : beard grows so fast with that.

    Topically :
    - tropical ginger juice : 100x more effective that minox
    - Minox (mitigate)
    - Nizoral (very strong, lot of new hairs developped)
    - AHA & BHA : liberates skin from whiteheads and blackheads, and dead skins so it creates new hairs)

    And on any nofap cycle beard is progressing.
  50. Minox turned me from baby-faced with a hairless chest to having a relatively decent beard and an added hairy chest as a neat side effect.

    However, it also made my facial skin very bad (acne) and I suspect it prematurely aged me as I have what seems to be like the beginning of nasolabial folds (I am 23). It also made my face appear puffy.

    I tried Retin-A to combat the skin issues and after a year of using it, I have now ceased its use as I do not like what my skin looks like. I am now putting hope into haidut's A, E & K2 topical vitamins + SolBan.

    I also suspect minoxidil to be one of, if not the cause of the appearance of my mild gynaecomastia (as I have recently discovered that minoxidil can cause an increase in prolactin levels and the appearance of my gyno seems to coincide with my minox use), which I am now trying to get rid of in various ways.

    I have stopped my use of minoxidil, and as I have been using pansterone + androsterone (and other various Peaty things) in an attempt to combat my mild gyno, I have also noticed a slight increase in the strength of my beard. This was most noticeable when I applied pansterone and kuinone in low (one drop each) doses to the scrotum, but I only do scrotal applications sparingly now as despite the awesome psychological effects, I also notice a decreased volume of my rat's ball sack which I find slightly worrying.
  51. Sorry to be reviving @A.dosco , but how did everything go for you? I'm looking to increase my facial hair as well. I've tried minoxidil and, while I did see some improvement, I think the collagen damaging effects of it hit me especially hard. I think I have some sort of collagen defect. So I've been thinking about trying topical 11-keto DHT to my face only. How much an effect on your growth would you ascribe to DHT only, compared to minox?
  52. @A.Dosko Something to take into consideration is high total T and possibly estrogen. I never had substantial amounts of chest/stomach or beard/mustache growth until after two low dose T cycles however when I got off I still maintained the new found growth. So by no means do you need roids but maybe a high total T will be the best route naturally of course.
  53. Alpha-Ketoglutarate by Seeking Health. Dissolve 350 mg (or 1 capsule) into 65 ml of water and put in on your cheeks etc. No side-effects and you will have a big Santa beard by Christmas 2019.


    (you can also put this solution on your scalp to get thick, lucsious hair)
  54. Never heard about this before. Do you have experience with it?