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Be Careful Where You Buy Your Methylene Blue

  1. Hey just want to share this as I recently watched a podcast with Haidut talking to Jodellefit on youtube:

    And in this theyre talking about different sources of MB, as well as the quality. The lesser grades contain more heavy metal impurities which can cause things like confusion, brain fog, fever. The highest grade is USP which is what Haidut uses.

    So I heard this and it sounded so damn familiar, I thought that the confusion was just from so much MB, but no that was not the case. It was my actual MB, which I bought from BlueBrainBoost, and I have no issue putting them on blast after I took their ***t for over 2 years now on and off and also them never answering my question asking why they removed the product from their site as well as what grade they used. It kind of pisses me off to be honest.

    Almost everytime I took their product I had issues with confusion or fever.

    Anyway, I recently bought oxidal and have dosed 5mgs a couple times a day with no issues. The taste is also different as well and the oxidal is much smoother with little after taste. Antidepressant effects at this dose are also wonderful.
  2. Whats up with the insanly high doses. Ive read that higher doses can cause oxidative stress abd potentially steal away electrons from the ETC
  3. My BlueBrainBoost bottle says USP on it. Are you saying it is not USP?
  4. I believe mine was USP also but the quality was off for my system for sure. I would take 2 drops - 1mg and would have confusion and sometimes have flu like symptoms, i always thought it was from taking way too much. I heard on a podcast with haidut, the one above that anytime these symptoms are present this is indicative of bad quality. I ordered Haidut's oxidal and took 5mgs of MB without an issue.

    So all in all what I'm saying/thinking is it is a lower quality product. Blue Brain Boost also never responded to my email when i asked them about the quality and why they have pulled it from their site.
  5. Does anyone have a brand of MB that they trust? The Oxidal looks interesting, but I like taking some supplements in isolation to isolate effects.
  6. No problems with the cheap fish methylene blue.
  7. I was listening to a podcast a while ago about MB and from memory, the quality only becomes troublesome when you are doing high dosages (above 20mg) daily. Don't quote me as i'm not quoting the interviewee accurately but in small dosages the body shouldn't have a hard time excreting the tiny amounts of Pb or other heavy metals.
  8. How about Health Natura's MB? I have used that along with IdeaLab's Oxidal, and didn't have problems with either that I could tell.
  9. see that is scary to me, the quality of this is probably industrial grade or one of those. The amount of filtering and purity is probably not too high
  10. I think that it’s troublesome taken daily with heavy metals because they compound and build up if I recall right. Haidut talks about this in interview with Jodellefit. For a short term solution seems okay but for long term becomes troublesome.
  11. I think it might be high purity because people have aquariums with very rare and expensive fish which would easily die from toxic contaminants
  12. Exactly. I’m sure it’s quite safe.