Bad Reaction To Traditional Food Market Whole Bone Calcium Supplement

Nomane Euger

Sep 22, 2020
Hi,i have been experimenting recently with whole bone calcium from traditional food market(containing 720mg of calcium from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite,and 300MG of phosphorous from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite for a serving size,3g)i took only 1 gramme in the morning with my meal to ensure that if i get bad reaction it does not last until night,(in the past bone broth and hydrolized collagen powder from great lakes caused me to have nightmare),When i took it,my body temperature felt really hot compare to usually(the last years my diet has been drastically deficient in calcium,last time i checked my pth it might have been 60),it lasted the all day,then i went to slkeep at 10:30pm as asual,i woke up at 3AM after awfull nightmares,in an anxiety state and didnt sleep back,i do not know what it is due to,i suspected free glutamine, the 2 times i tryed it,it happened,but i do not have much know knowledge,any similar experience,or perspective?

Nomane Euger

Thread starter
Sep 22, 2020
My magnesium intake has been low those last 6 months,i started to supplement a few days agos


Jul 8, 2020
Looking into microcrystalline hydroxyapatite it can be derived from bovine bones. A supplement from bone origin sounds like a bad idea to start with. Ray recommends not cooking a bone broth too long because thing start leaching out of the bones, eating the bones in a dried powder sounds like it will have a lot of unwanted nasties.

Regardless, supplements in general can be very hit and miss with people, and your reaction to collagen powder suggests you are susceptible to bad reaction.

Calcium isn't actually that hard to get, I wouldn't bother supplementing. Drink more milk you tolerate, eat more cheese, or eat some eggshell you have prepared yourself seems the easiest ways.
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