Bad reaction to anti-biotic?


Jul 3, 2019
I recently took a small dose (~40 mg, not totally sure since it was a powder) of erythromycin and has some strange effects. My mood felt good, heart rate maybe even felt increased a bit.

However I did have some tingling sensations like pins and needles. It was a little concerning but I seemed to be fine the following morning.

Since I've felt good. Prior to this I think I'd been experiencing some endotoxin or other gut related issues.

Anyone know what this means or had a similar experience?


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Jul 3, 2019
Increased heart rate is listed as a common side effect but not pins and needles/tingling sensation. So I'm wondering if that is a bad sign.


Nov 16, 2019
Erythromycin should be taken as a whole tablet, not crushed..
I think, at least that's what is recommended
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