Bad Environment & Lifestyle (stress) Cause Most Cancers In Western Countries


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
The medical industry loves to claim that the increase in new cancer cases we have been seeing across all Western countries (and all other countries adopting the lifestyle of the Western world) are simply due to improved diagnostics and longer lifespan of modern people. Both of these claims are lies. There has been no major improvement in cancer diagnostic procedures (imaging, biomarkers) since the 1970s, and the cancer incidence started increasing long before that. As far as increased lifespan - as I posted in several recent threads, the vast majority of newly diagnosed cancer cases are in younger people, especially people under 40 (and for some cancer types for people under 30).
The study below looked at 122 countries around the world and found very strong correlation between GDP and cancer incidence. This directly invalidates the claims of improved diagnostics and longer lifespan as major causes. According to the authors, bad environmental conditions and poor lifestyle due to chronic stress are the most likely explanations. This study reminds of me of Peat's newsletter where he mentioned that breast cancer mortality was the lowest in the Appalachian region - the poorest ares within the USA - and those mortality rates eventually

Economic Growth and Cancer Incidence
"...Why do we observe increasing rates of new cancer cases? Is the increasing burden of cancer mainly the outcome of higher life expectancy and better life conditions brought about by economic development? To what extent do environmental degradation and changes in life-styles play a relevant role? To answer these questions, we empirically assessed the relationship between per capita income and new cancer cases (incidence) by using cross-sectional data from 122 countries. We found that the incidence rate of all-sites cancer increases linearly with per capita income, even after controlling for population ageing, improvement in cancer detection, and omitted spatially correlated variables. If higher incidence rates in developed countries were merely due to those factors, and not also to life-styles and environmental degradation, we would have found a flat or even an inverted-U pattern between per capita income and cancer incidence. The regression analysis was applied also to the eight most common site-specific cancers. This confirmed the existing evidence on the different patterns in rich and poor countries, explained the pattern of the estimated relationship for aggregate cancers, and gave some other interesting insights."

"...Highlights: (1) New cancer cases increase with p.c. income in a cross-section of 122 countries. (2) Improved detection potential and a longer life alone cannot explain this evidence. (3) Bad life-styles and environmental degradation play a relevant role."


Jul 19, 2017
I think the point is humans are cooperative animals, not competitive. In natural societies there are few hundreds of people which work togheter because the resources are unlimited for everyone, no one has interest to compete with others. Our society revolves around money, which is limited in the sense that one can get more self reward with more money. Also we are made believe that we need more money than we have. Also we live in cities where everyone is a stranger so we can't build social relationships within the society because it's just too vaste for us. All this stuff make us extremely competitive with other humans, which keep our body in a fight or flee state (cortisol adrenaline ...). From my life experiece i see that poor people are more cooperative because they accept their condition and try to find rewards in more natural ways, which make sense at is in line with the study.


Sep 13, 2012
:goodpostHaidut I agree. People want to argue all day about why people live long, and I believe it truly comes down to lifestyle and environment. There are ways of making a bad environment work for a while though. Maybe all these therapies are just trying to make bad lifestyles work instead of changing the environment.


Jul 8, 2018
I watched an interview with an American photographer (female I think)
who went to Afghanistan and when people said, "You must be glad to get back here;" she said, "Not really. We have so much stuff here that's it's overwhelming. Over there, everything you need is right in front of you."

Another photographer went to 3rd world countries to capture the faces of those whom we think of as the poor and downtrodden.

What he photographed was open smiling faces.


Jul 8, 2018
"Rome is burning."
Aug 21, 2018
I watched an interview with an American photographer (female I think)
who went to Afghanistan and when people said, "You must be glad to get back here;" she said, "Not really. We have so much stuff here that's it's overwhelming. Over there, everything you need is right in front of you."

Another photographer went to 3rd world countries to capture the faces of those whom we think of as the poor and downtrodden.

What he photographed was open smiling faces.
All those open smiling faces is just a show for a stranger. Try to live in those societies at least for a year and you will see how the things really are. All this one "3 weeks running all around the country" photo tour in nothing about living in a third world society. They are poor because they dont have developed logic thinking as well as long-term planning skills(most important memes for society developing) and they explain this as "simple" living. And about smiles they have, remember please what teeth demonstration in animal world is. Last 30 years, 8 developing countries, every ******* day I'm experiencing it.

Sure, my cognitive biases produce my opinion, but my carefully made observations are opposite from study conclusion. Developing populations are sick as developed populations. They tend to use traditional medicine and explain health issues as destiny, age, black magic and some other culturally bound explanations.
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