Bacteria And Viruses Don't Cause Disease


Sep 26, 2020

According to Thomas Cowen there is no scientific evidence that bacteria and viruses causes disease. In his book "The Contagion Myth", he claims that "(...) no disease attributed to bacteria or viruses has met all of Koch’s postulates or all of Rivers’ criteria. This is not because the postulates are incorrect or obsolete (in fact, they are entirely logical) but rather because bacteria and viruses don’t cause disease, at least not in any way that we currently understand."

He gives an example where a cow fed with an unnatural diet (e.g. distillery waste and cardboard) develop illness, and so does the person who drinks the milk. In the milk you find a certain bacteria, and you find the same bacteria in the stool of the person who drank the milk and got diarrhea. What if this bacteria isn't the cause of illness but rather a byproduct of disease - or natures way of detoxifying the organism?

Can someone prove him wrong on his statement that "there has been no disease to bacteria and viruses has met all of Koch's postulates or all of Rivers' criteria"?
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Mar 15, 2014
I feel like these people would get much further if they just used proper english

Instead of saying "bacteria don't cause disease" (which is a statement that cannot be proven, and is almost certainly false), you could say "germ theory is wrong"


Aug 6, 2017
police is commonly detected at the crime scene. Vaccinate against cops to stop crime!

Now on to some serious arguments: viruses, bacteria and even fungal cells all cooperate with you to keep you alive. All life on the planet works in this way, the "survival of the strongest" is the inversion of the truth. Isolate yourself and your immunity crashes. Isolation is only justifiable if a transient immune deficiency is detected. In all other cases it will harm you, making you unable to benefit from the newly detected adaptation methods the population has offered you through viruses. Instead of possibly dying from the stress of adaptation you will guarantee aging (unmet stress) and thus premature death.
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Jul 26, 2018
"The Contagion myth".
In my opinion there is something in that idea. Longevity diet according to Benjamin Frank is rich in RNA - purine and ribose.
Scientists confirm that niacinamid riboside increases lifespan.
Altogether -niacinamid+ribose+adenine/inosine is something like sirtuine diet.
Sirtuins are NAD dependent.
Sirtuin - Wikipedia
I would describe telomeres like purines/ribose reserve, which are used faster in oxidative stress ( guanine -nitrosative stres, urate-iron complexation).
Cancer as a metabolic mechanism can rejuvenate telomers.
Cancer could be involced with lowering matrix cells.
Cancer regenerates matrix cells.
Infections/cancer/aging is fueled by iron.
Uric acid, purines metabolite acts as a antioxidant and iron complexor.
1.In order to survive in an oxygen environment,aerobic organisms have developed numerous mechanisms to protect against oxygen radicals and singlet oxygen. One such mechanism, which appears to have attained particular significance during primate evolution,is the direct scavenging of oxygen radicals,singlet oxygen, oxohaem oxidants and hydroperoxyl radicals by uric acid. 2. In the present paper we demonstrate that another important 'antioxidant' property of uric acid is the ability to form stable coordination complexes with iron ions.Formation of urate -Fe3+ complexes dramatically inhibits Fe3+-catalysed ascorbate oxidation, as well as lipid peroxidation in liposomes and rat liver microsomal fraction. In contrast with antioxidant scavenger reactions,the inhibition of ascorbate oxidation and lipid peroxidation provided by urate's ability to bind iron ions does not involve urate oxidation.3.Association constants (Ka) for urate-iron ion complexes were determined by fluorescence-quenching techniques. The K. for a 1:1 urate-Fe3+ complex was found to be 2.4 x 105, whereas the Ka for a 1:1 urate-Fe2+ complex was determined to be 1.9 x 104. Our experiments also revealed that urate can forma 2:1 complex with Fe3+ with an association constant for the second urate molecule (K') of approx. 4.5x105. From these data we estimate an overall stability constant (Ks- K.xK') for urate-Fe3+ complexes of approx. 1.1 x 10". 4. Polarographic measurements revealed that (upon binding) urate decreases the reduction potential for the Fe2+/Fe3+ half-reaction from -0.77 V to - 0.67 V. Thus urate slightly diminishes the oxidizing potential of Fe3+.5. The present results provide a mechanistic explanation for our previous report that urate protects ascorbate from oxidation in human blood. The almost saturating concentration of urate normally found in human plasma (up to 0.6 mM) represents 5-10 times the plasma ascorbate concentration, and is orders of magnitude higher than the 'free' iron ion concentration. These considerations point to the physiological significance of our findings.

Ribose helps to recover purines
Nucleotide salvage - Wikipedia

Guanine is destroyed by nitrosative stress.

adenine/inosine/guanine in purine cycle
Purine nucleotide cycle - Wikipedia

Infections/contagion could be a way to utilize iron overload to increase purine/ribose pool, to optimise iron/purine ratio.
Infection stimulates DNA/RNA/purine synthesis.

Blood donation is longevity promoting.
Cancer could regenerate telomeres/purines.
Ribose production pathway depends on good sleeep/melatonin.
Inosine (sardines/supplements) could help in immunity/iron complexation,save telomeres.
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