Backlash Over Meat Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties To Nutrition Scientiests


Mar 4, 2019
Backlash Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties to Nutrition Scientists

Found this to be a very interesting read on how corporate ties tries to suppress opposing nutritional advice.

“Even observational trials are hard to do well,” Carroll wrote. In the short-term, it’s difficult to find big differences in death and disease rates, even in large groups of people, he noted. “But quantifying what people are eating over long periods is challenging, too, because people don’t remember.”

"The sad thing is that the important messages have been lost,” she said. “Trustworthy guidelines used to depend on who were the organizations or the people they came from.” Today, though, “the public should know we don’t have great information on diet,” Laine said. “We shouldn’t make people scared they’re going to have a heart attack or colon cancer if they eat red meat."

Jun 16, 2017
Yup. Just like with saturated fat and milk, meat in general is demonized, and they use epidemiological data to "prove" it's bad. Epidemiology, as I see it, cannot prove causation, so I'm not sure what's even the point of conducting studies of this type?


Feb 25, 2020
Saturated fats = increase cholesterol (beneficial.. the raw material for our steroid hormones including Vitamin D)

Vitamin C, vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc, B3, B6, B12, Folate , vitamin A (retinol) and good thyroid function(iodine, selenium, bioavailable copper) is needed to convert the Cholesterol into the hormones

Iron, PUFA, Fluoride (in water among other possible ways to get it) destroy thyroid, vitamin E, vitamin C, Magnesium, and destroy the good cholesterol.

High refined carbs and sugar lowers Zinc, b vitamin , magnesium etc. Peat says sugar raises cholesterol, but could it be increased production only to PROTECT you? I'm not sure, either way, he still recommends fruits over refined sugar

Not eating animal foods = lower cholesterol production, Zinc and Vitamin A Retinol, B12

Imo avoid refined carbs and sugar(fruits and vegetables have potassium that will keep insulin in check), avoid PUFA, eat more saturated fats and cholesterol, and eat foods rich in those nutrients above. Take antioxidants to protect the cholesterol(some of those nutrients above are antioxidants as well). Since cholesterol is a bandage for Inflammation and oxidative stress, taking antioxidants can help you protect the cholesterol you do have. Also I've read copper recycles cholesterol .. but not 100% sure

It seems like all disease starts when you don't have enough of the beneficial hormones (the hormones keep the adrenals and thyroid happy which keep the liver happy etc) just like Peat says, no wonder they push veganism and PUFA consumption and fortify foods with iron, add fluoride to the water supply, while demonizing saturated fat and cholesterol and prescribe statins
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