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Autoimmune Disease, Hypothyroidism, And Food Allergies: Different Approaches?

  1. A few months ago I was having plenty of crazy symptoms I wrote on here about that seemed to come out of nowhere. They included headaches (sometimes burning), terrible anxiety and feeling 'unsafe', bodily pain, sudden extreme fatigue, and a feeling that my digestion just totally halted.

    I've been seeing a functional medicine doctor for about a month, so I have some labs that confirm hypothyroidism and low cholesterol, among other things. He also suspects possible autoimmune condition and/or infections.

    I'm having trouble understanding how to approach the ideas of autoimmune disease and food allergies from a Peat perspective. The common approach is an elimination diet exemplified by Whole30, AIP, and the GAPS diet. In the past, it was easy to adopt a syncretic approach and take the points I liked from Peat and other writers. But in the case of these autoimmune conditions, it seems you have to follows these elimination diets to the letter. Of course, I have come to be highly skeptical of flat out taking these approaches.

    I want to read more of Peat's writings generally, but my ability to do such is often at the mercy of the randomness of my symptoms. Often you guys have better ideas, and there also doesn't seem to be a thread about this. Now there is here.

    How does Peat's perspective on this topic compare? Do you have any thoughts?
  2. Blood test showed most foods were a problem for me. NAET showed even more. So I ate very little. None of the elimination diets worked because of all my 'allergies'. As well as made my low thyroid worse. It is a terrible cycle.

    Since reading Peat and Youreatopia, I have found that from years of not eating enough food caused me stress and then food became an 'allergy'.

    I have been starting to not restrict and my symptoms I was trying to treat by supposed food allergies are going away. I'm still in the re-feeding weight gain stage but my life is healing. Even my joint pain is decreasing. .. which I finally figured my fractured bones during boot camp was from the prior year of stress and not eating which caused my body to break down, therefore causing me 20 years of spiraling 'autoimmune' problems. Which led to more restrictive eating stress and more problems.

    Amyway... that's my story and interpretation of how it happened for me.
  3. That's definitely the type of answer I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I'm glad you're seeing improvements!