Atopic Dermatitis Advice

Cesar Motta

Feb 20, 2020
Hello everybody. I have had a scalp disease since I was little, I think the name is atopic dermatitis, and I used corticoid creams to treat it, it improved a little, but nowadays I don't use it anymore. I have been following the "Peat Diet" for a few months now and have not felt any major differences. In addition, when I masturbate I automatically feel a slightly painful stimulus under the back of my neck, where the dermatitis is concentrated. I need help, what could I do to end this? Aspirin, sulfur soap, any specific supplement?

Jem Oz

Jun 13, 2016
Skin conditions are often related to gut health (what isn't!...). There's probably a lot of useful stuff floating around this forum. I healed a longstanding ankle rash with a course of cypro, which I guess lowered serotonin in the gut. Look into things like cypro, AC, antibiotics (can be a game changer). Probably better to view skin issues as systemic, rather than just on the surface.
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