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Aspirin Microdosing/alternative Regiments

  1. do any of you microdose aspirin? I have read a lot about aspirin being effective at doses as low as 20mg and am wondering whether just taking 20mg 3x per week would be helpful.
  2. I am taking occasionally 100mg. Usually after some heavy meal to support sugar burning. It seems to make me warmer and elevate my mood and maybe other subtle effects also.
  3. For me, it’s aspirin that I reach for when I have a headache or more rarely body aches. Requires 1 gram to help so I have no experience with tiny micro doses.
  4. I am just starting to experiment with aspirin. I bought 75mg tablets and took 1/6, so approximately 12,5mg. I feel warmer, my skin feels better - like it is getting supplied with blood more efficiently, and I can concentrate better. I definitely feel this low dose and like it a lot.
  5. Doesn't make sense at doses lower than 300-500mg if you're looking for COX-2 byproduct inhibition, mitochondrial decoupling, and more significant protection against lipid peroxdiation.
  6. There was one thread that talked uncoupling effects of amongst other things aspirin: I think OP took small doses throughout the day to keep uncoupling active. A bigger first dose might be needed at the beginning of the day to reach uncoupling dosage.
  7. For what purpose?
    It affects 100% of your platelets and reduces clotting in a dose of 30-100mg. As each day 10% of those platelets are turned over and new ones are produced, then 10 days after a single dose, none of your platelets will have their clotting ability impaired. So you can take small doses semi regularly if you just want to reduce and thin the blood.

    As a mitochondrial drug I’m not sure what daily or semi regular dose is appropriate.
  8. I thought there was COX inhibition at low doses?
  9. COX-1 only.
  10. Perhaps a low dose would be better for me, it used to elevate my mood, but lately makes brain fogged. Perhaps lower cortisol, but I take it with lots of food and does not matter. I get very robotic, and aloof. Not cool.