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Aspirin Cures My Bad Breath And Fungal Issues

Discussion in 'Ask For Help or Advice' started by Deadpool, May 12, 2018.

  1. Deadpool

    Deadpool Member

    Hey guys,

    so I've been into this forum for 1,5 years or so now and slowly applied the Peat principles into my life and for a couple weeks now went full peat (no starches, no PUFAs, no grains, low-fat milk, OJ, sugar, coffee, gelatin, vitamins, carrots etc).

    One thing that has bothered me ever since getting into Peat and is now really getting worse is coated tongue (it is yellowish and really disgusting) along with a feeling of bad breath and dry mouth. Also smelly poop, and body odor I feel.

    I don't know what is causing it exactly, could be the sugar, the OJ, the low fat milk, or the coffee or all of these things but I am pretty sure I have some fungal issues which are a big problem for me.

    Carrot helps a tiny little bit, I haven't tried activated charcoal, bamboo shoots, or flowers of sulfur, yet.

    But I have just taken an asprin, dissolved in water and I feel it really lessened the symptoms a lot, also makes me feel very dopaminergic, androgenic, hot and just good in general.

    So as aspirin is an antifungal, it really confirmed that I must have fungal issues, and I feel like these are the main problem for me because they probably thrive on this sugary diet and really keep me from absorbing all the nutrients and feeling well.

    How do I get rid of this permanently, because the effects of the aspirin are subsiding and I also don't want to rely on it, I really want to get rid of it? Any recommendations besides carrots, charcoal, bamboo shoots, or flowers of sulfur? Again haven't tried them yet but I will definitely but still there has to be more tips.

    Thank you.
  2. Richiebogie

    Richiebogie Member

    Fruit contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which are missing in pure sucrose (table sugar).

    These minerals and vitamins help us metabolise the fruit sugars.

    Fruit even contains salicylates which might be similar to aspirin!

    While a few teaspoons of sucrose may be ok in your coffee or soda drinks, you are better off eating bananas, mangos, melons and berries.
  3. OP

    Deadpool Member

    The thing is, I'm on a budget and fruit is kinda hard to get here ripe, although now during the summer it's easier but still expensive.

    I definitely don't feel the same when I eat fresh ananas or mangos (sadly I don't like watermelon at all). But I thought bananas and most berries aren't really Peat friendly.
  4. Waynish

    Waynish Member

    The peat diet is very wet and damp. This coated tongue is caused by dampness according to TCM. Cut out milk, stop with the cold drinks, and get some herbs from a good Chinese doctor and it'll go away.
  5. Ella

    Ella Member

    Are you high in estrogen? Is there a connection as you start to excrete more estrogen metabolites into circulation, you are more likely to experience fungal infections. These are the body's clean up crew, so as you excrete more into circulation, we can expect an increase in populations. Ample fibre from raw carrot and bamboo is crucial to control population explosion as increased metabolites come into circulation. Perhaps forcing so much estrogen into circulation can overwhelm enzymes responsible for conjugation (glucoronidation & sulphation). This means estrogens are not readily excreted through urine and stool but left to linger becoming substrates for fungal species.

    Perhaps sugar is an innocent bystander.

    Does anyone have further insights on the influenc of sugar, estrogen detox and fungal infections.

    Ray recommends flowers of sulphur. Is this to aid the sulphation of unconjugated estrogens?
  6. Waynish

    Waynish Member

    Your honor, I saw Sugar shoot the victim!
  7. Ella

    Ella Member

    LOL. Sugar gets as much bashing as estrogen. Surely, your honor they must be partners in crime.
  8. OP

    Deadpool Member

    Yeah definitely got high estrogen symptons often. Interesting hypothesis though it keeps going on for weeks so I think it should've got at least better a little.

    Again popped an aspirin and the breath and fungal symptoms went away for a few hours.
  9. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    As Ella said, Ray was using flowers of sulfur. He was saying he used it twice a year maybe for a few days. Just pinches as I remember.
  10. fradon

    fradon Member

    the acidity can help kill of mold and bacteria. all the sugar and fruit could be making you alkaline a great place for mold and bacteria. that is why they recommend cranberry juice for UTI the acidity helps kill of the bacteria and I have had good results with LiVER can coffee.
  11. Ella

    Ella Member

    Thanks for confirming @Birdie. Do you or anyone else understand the mechanism for the sulfur. Is it require to increase the conjugation of sulphur to estrogen, thus making it inactive and easier to excrete? I know I need to spend more time understanding this mechanism but I have limited time in which to research due to time constraints.

    As sulfated estrogens are unable to bind to the estrogen receptors, sulfonation of estrogens results in their inactivation. Therefore, conjugation with sulfate protects cells and tissues from an excess of active estrogens, and this may contribute to the prevention of hormone-dependent cancer cells. It further indicates that the balance between sulfate conjugation by the Phase 2 metabolizing enzyme estrogen sulfotransferases (SULT1E1) and the removal of the sulfate by the steroid sulfotransferase (STS) is important to store the hormone in an inactive form in the cells [16, 17].


    Would really appreciate if someone could unpack this relationship and whether the reason some people have fungal issues is to do with unsulphated circulating estrogens. If these are not excreted rapidly, they can be taken up by the cells to promoted carcinogenesis or become food for fungal species.

    Are sulphated estrogens less likely to promote fungal growth???

    I would love to spend more time exploring this but my time is very limited and if someone else is interested or is able to ask Peat directly I would be extremely grateful for their efforts. I know this information would be most beneficial to others who are experiencing fungal issues. Not only the fungal aspect but more importantly the carcinogenic risk of unsulphated estrogens.

    Many people on the forum are scared off milk due to it being high in estrogen. Peat reassures us that we needed worry because the estrogen in milk is already in the sulphated form, thus easily excreted. However, could the reason that many people don't tolerate milk be due to those enzymes that desulphate (remove the sulphur molecule) from the sulphated estrogens. Do they have more of these enzymes than the enzymes that attached the sulphur molecule to estrogens. It is the balance that matters. Humans need to deal with not only endogenously produced ones but also xenoestrogens, like pesticides and heavy metals etc. etc. Perhaps those attaching enzymes are simply overwhelmed which means unsulphated estrogens are lingering and banking up; providing ample opportunity for those sulphur removing enzymes to undo all the good work.

    This knowledge can help those of us experiencing problems to fine-tune their approach. Perhaps go at a slower pace, focussing in on estrogen detoxification and excretion pathways

    Peat reminds us that a healthy liver is required. Obviously, he cautions against too much sulfur supplementation but this leads us to question, when we force estrogen out into circulation should we be increasing foods high in sulphur. This is why alternative health love broccoli so much. Peat is not a fan of the cruciferious vegetables but why flowers of sulphur and not foods higher in sulphur. I guess then we are talking about those sulphur amino acids like methionine which he advocates reducing but cheese and milk being higher in taurine are OK.

    Can cruciferous vegetables be so deleterious in the short term?

    I think everyone knows the Italian dr Simoncini who believes cancer is a fungus. Perhaps the fungus is also an innocent bystander and is only found at the scene of the crime because it is cleaning up estrogen, the unsulphated form which is being overproduced.

    Can anyone enlightened here?

    Yes @fradon, I experienced my first UTI and kidney infection when I was working at a place that had installed high pH drinking water. There was no choice other than to drink this water except coffee, tea etc. I was not the only who experience a kidney infection even though they other female drank loads of coffee.

    Does this imply that perhaps the individual is not making adequate stomach HCL, or simply too many alkaline minerals are being lost into the urine?
  12. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    Wonder if my experience supports your thoughts...

    After taking FOS for two days, my body became edematous and I was migrainey. Signs of estrogen in my tissues.
    I have a weak liver mind you.
    Anecdotal for sure, but I have loved your thoughts on this.
  13. Ella

    Ella Member

    @Peatful FOS is a fermentable fibre and it would certainly cause a population explosion. Specifically, Klebsiella, E. Coli and Clostridia sps; these are not gut friendly in my world view. Also the fungus Aspergillus is used in its production. People like me are extremely sensitive to Aspergillus, it would be disasterous. It is my number enemy. I would much rather eat those vegetables high in FOS and I do. I love leeks, barley and artichokes as I could eliminate the food waste faster than if I had taken the naked FOS. I can also use the raw carrot & bamboo to prevent population explosion if the fibre from these rich FOS foods were hanging around too long, undergoing digesting. However, the effects of naked FOS would be noticed fairly rapidly as the populations of the microbes double every 20 minutes, due to their toxic gaseous metabolites. I avoid FOS like the plague due to Aspergillus.

    FOS is heavily promoted as being gut friendly. I think too gut bug-friendly than cell-friendly.
    Aspergillus produces conidia which is extremely difficult to kill. It has evolved strategies which enables it to gain entry into cells without triggering an immune response. Quite shocking really. It waits until the host is compromised and then unleashes its destruction. Have you seen the certificate of analysis and do they even check for these conidia?? I think of them as stealth missiles.

    As females in a modern world; estrogen detoxification and excretion is going to be more difficult for us than our male peers. We need to focus on keeping our livers as healthy as can be. I think of all those young females that think alcohol binging is fun and it truly makes one shudder.

    Using activated charcoal can quickly bring relief from the symptoms you describe.

    Have you investigated how your liver is handling estrogen and whether is following beneficial pathways? I really need to spend some time understanding the sulphation of estrogen and how we can influence more inactive estrogen through this pathway. I am starting to think that in our haste to push estrogen out into the system; in some of us who are estrogen dominant or have sluggish or lower numbers of those sulphur attaching enzymes may be causing other problems.

    If we place great effort on pushing estrogen into circulation, we risk it being sent back to the liver to be dealt with once again. With an overburden liver, these estrogens, easily pass into the cell due to their highly fatty nature. In the sulphated form, they are rendered water-soluble and less likely to enter the cell and easily excreted into the urine.

    Peat does not like cruciferious vegetables as the goitrogens interfere with thyroid function. There may be more reasons that are not apparent to me or others. If one is iodine replete, then goitrogens may be of no consequence. We could still utilise the sulphur (to sulphate estrogens) from these vegetables by retaining the water they are cooked in (by making soups) without displacing iodine from thyroid sites.

    Peat has also stated that we need less iodine the healthier we get. In which respect healthier? When thyroid is functioning optimally? When we have reduced our estrogen levels and balanced our hormones? When we don't have an excess of adipose tissue, when we have defatted our liver, pancreas??? How do we measure this? What metrics do we base it on?

    I need to stop asking these questions.
  14. michael94

    michael94 Member

    dont stop, your mental effortsare not in vain
  15. Ella

    Ella Member

    @michael94 I hope not all in vain. I feel I should not hyper-focus on these small details and best to just enjoy life, spend more time in nature and be doing stuff which exhilarates my body instead of my head. These questions pull me away from what my body truly desires. It seems knowledge is a curse, the more you know the more you want to know. I guess this is why ignorance is bliss.

    Look at those long-lived populations. They are all doing peoples. They place their trust and faith in god and leave it to him to resolve. Their sense of peace aids their longevity.
  16. michael94

    michael94 Member

    Yes and they all die just the same... Life is good for nothing if not used fighting for an ideal, even something as grandiose as being against entropy itself! Naturally those on the cutting edge will be burned learning to carry the torch.
  17. Ella

    Ella Member

    :thumbupSo true :)
  18. Ella

    Ella Member

    So stupid of me:stickwhack. I think he is implying we need less iodine once PUFAs have been depleted and estrogens are being handled efficiently.

    This is seems like a life-time endeavour :(
  19. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    Great thoughts.
    Thank you @Ella.
  20. Dolomite

    Dolomite Member

    @Ella , thank you for these questions. I have had some problems with skin and sinus fungus since menopause. I agree that it is a lifetime endeavor to keep estrogen from accumulating.

    I don't think medical doctors attempt to understand why basically healthy people have problems with yeast or fungus. They assume that if immune system markers are in range that you cannot be having problems. Then they prescribe anti-anxiety medications.

    Would MSM help?