Aspirin And Cancer

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    The titles of the BBC and my article below are wrong. This is not a prevention trial, it's focus is rather on TREATING cancer. I wonder why was the news framed as prevention rather than treatment. Some pharma company probably donates enough to this charity group to have a say in how news are framed. The prevention portion is a small part of the overall trial group as it is already well known that aspirin prevent a wide range of cancers.
    Again, some of the sub-trials will actually be double-blind randomized placebo controlled for aspirin actually TREATING already established early cancers as well as preventing recurrence in cancer survivors. More info below.
    "...This new study is the largest study of the effects of aspirin to date. The trial will run across 100 UK centres and will last up to 12 years. All in all the study will examine over 11,000 patients who are suffering from or have experienced early bowel, breast, prostate, stomach and oesophageal cancer. Researchers will compare groups of patients taking different doses of aspirin with people taking dummy (placebo) pills and check for any recurrences of cancer. The researchers are looking for solid proof, or at least clear evidence, of the health benefits of aspirin, something that has been in debate for the last several years.

    "..."The trial aims to answer this question once and for all.” "If we find that aspirin does stop these cancers returning, it could change future treatment - providing a cheap and simple way to help stop cancer coming back and helping more people survive." (BBC source)"