Article: "Dairy Fat May Be Saturated, But It's Not Unhealthy The Way Animal Fats Are."

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    Sep 3, 2017
    From: The case for full-fat yogurt


    "The lipids in saturated fats tend to be unhealthy, but these researchers found that the fatty acids from dairy are different. By measuring the levels of dairy-specific fatty acids, the researchers could figure out which people ate more dairy fat than others and tie that to health outcomes like stroke, cardiovascular disease, and overall mortality. As it turns out, most of them had no influence on mortality. One, called heptadecanoic acid, was associated with a lower risk of stroke. But overall, the authors wrote, “the findings from our investigation and previous studies suggest no major effects of dairy fatty acids on CVD risk.” Another study on cardiovascular disease found that amongst 3,333 adults who were not diabetic at the beginning of the study, those that had higher fatty acids in their blood (and were therefore eating more dairy fat) had a lower risk of developing diabetes."
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    Sep 23, 2017
    diary fat is composed of small medium and long chain acids....the small chain get absorbed in the colon the medium in the liver and the long chain in the fat transport.

    dairy fat also can have vitamin A and vitamin d and something called ACTIVATOR X according to weston price website which is now known as K2.

    What Exactly is "Activator X" and Why Is It Important In Your Diet?

    these other elements in dairy fat can help but what doesn't help is homogenization. i also remember an article about a viallage in eurpoe where they consume a lot of dairy and CVD is really low and it was because they did not homogeize their dairy so the body did not abosorb all the fat.