Are We At Risk Of Sabotaging Our Body’s Battle With A Stressful Environment?

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    May 29, 2013
    This isn’t directed at anyone or as a criticism.

    But there’s often talk on here of “blocking the synthesis” of certain stress hormones, or using exogenous hormones to correct balances. Peat himself talks of using isolated substances.

    I know we’re all aware that whatever state we find ourselves in is the body’s adaptive response to stress, and there’s a great culture here of supporting the body with sufficient calories and vitamins, but does this mean that using things such as...

    Cyproheptadine, bromocriptine, exogenous hormones, caffeine, isolated extracts etc.

    Is sabotaging our natural stress response?

    If my gut is full of crap and harmful foodstuffs, and serotonin increases, is using something like cyproheptadine really helping the cause?

    Is this akin to numbing the immune system, so that we’re blissfully unaware of what is slowly killing us?
  2. Eugene

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    Jan 3, 2018
    In the ever rising complexity of modern living our "natural" stress response is quite irrelevant and obsolete, it has been replaced with intuition and "gut feeling" which is composed of 99% microbiotic intelligence.

    If your "cause" is to comfortably maintain a "gut full of crap" then yes, cypro is helping it, dying as slow as possible is the original intent of supplementation. Life is a viral disease with a survival rate of 0% whatever it is that's killing me slowly (and softly), I'm grateful is not killing me quickly.

    Some immunological battles are better avoided for the survival and longevity of the organism, for example: the body will not attack Candida despite it being in a pathogenic fungal state because it helps maintain a certain status quo with all the toxic substances, ideas and habits you've accumulated over years of modern living, if the body were to attack it it would cause significantly more damage downstream.

    In other words I'd rather numb myself a little bit and live to 120 than get mad at some jerk on the road, crash and die in my 20s.
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    Hmmm...thinking about this.