Are There Any Safe Starches?


Apr 26, 2013
Corn starch seems do go through the digestive tract undigested, but Ray Peat mentions masa harina to be OK. Masa Harina is not available in Europe so no more corn for me.

Acording to Doctor Borkin gluten or gluten similar thing are in everything except rice and corn.

Now what about rice and potatoes and sweetpotatoes. I get extremely bad after I eat rice. What about potatoes?


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Apr 26, 2013
Oh, I see this topic was already discused, potato seem to be OK, I will keep eating them. Also stay away from beans, but they seem to be so rich in nutrients ,especially folate b9, which is very rare.


Nov 21, 2012
You know im wondering the same about all grains,even the more innocent ones such as rice and corn.
I find im starting to satiate seeing dishes with simple sugars and dairy,nut also certain ripe fruits,coconut products,sweet potatoes,normal taters a bit less,pumpkin,beets,parsnips,bell peppers,tomatoes and international stews with dried fruits,tomatobased sauces.

Basically part tropical diet(maybe bc i long to live there) mixed with a western dairy diet. And i really have no idea if i can trust that 'gut'feeling due to my entire past.


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Jan 4, 2012
For optimal results of all the effort I am trying to put into my health. I try to stay away from starches. They seem to really booger things up.


Nov 21, 2012
From what. Ive understood today,is that all grains can cause to bind minerals to them some more than others. So,the solution would be to heal the gut and add a dose of good bacteria,remineralize and then you/we could introduce some rice or whatever once a while i guess if you mostly stick to that protocol to keep guthealth ok.
Taters dont bind minerals,so thT migth explain it theyre also more watery than grains. Ofxourse you can argue about other toxins in them....but i guess mothernature made a beneficial&toxin balance within every food.

I wonder if the toxic effect is lower unpeeled just like with the carrot. i unfortunately cant afford to buy everything organic so i was questioning if i could wager by buying everything that needs to be pealed just regular?or would the sprays they use to kill insects,polish them and whatever get through the skin?
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