Are RP Reccomendations An Analog For Breast Milk?


Aug 18, 2013
I was just pondering this, looking up something about coconut oil. According to the internets the only other source of lauric acid to human beings is human breast milk. So...I mean if you look at it, the Peat recs give you a mostly liquid diet, added progesterone, added thyroid hormone, simple carbohydrate from fruit sugar, milk proteins, and saturated fat with lauric acid. If you were to be strictly Peatian you'd be somewhat off of most solid food -- starches and all food additives.

Is it breast milk we're trying to get to?


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Aug 18, 2013
You can't do anything about tryptophan, it's in all protein. RP talks about how to counteract tryptophan because it does nothing but increase serotonin. Or he'll talk about challenging serotonin, which is bad for grownups.

Other than that I like the idea. Think about it -- go back to nature's truly perfect food with no adulteration whatsoever and let the body's healing processes take over. It's like a total reset for your basic genetics.


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Aug 18, 2013
Unfortunately there aren't any animal protein foods that don't contain tryptophan EXCEPT gelatin. It's kind of a problem if you're trying to get to perfect nutrition as an adult, since diets high in tryptophan have been found to shorten life. The alternative is a starch based diet, which has its own issues and then you've got the problem of where to get optimum protein. Soy poisoning, anyone?

The milk is the source of protein with the highest amount of calcium but it also has just as much tryptophan in it as any other. So when the doc recommends gelatin I think one thing he's doing is pushing protein up without adding LTryp. When he suggests eating muscle meats with gelatin he's really just trying to lower the percentage so that when it gets digested there's less uptake of it in the ratio. It's a workaround, it's not perfect. But then the alternative is to be a vegetarian and shorten your lifespan anyway.


I think potato is low in tryptohan, and cheese has less than milk (can someone confirm, if true?). It would be interesting to now if greek yogurt has a different amount of tryptophan per calorie than milk.


Feb 24, 2013
Cheese has less tryptophan because it has had the whey drained off. Greek yogurt would have a little less as well, again if the whey is drained off. Adults ARE supposed to be eating gelatin. Jello is marketed to kids now, but it was originally considered adult food.
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