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Anyone tried calcium chloride as a liquid supplemental form of calcium?


New Member
Mar 10, 2022
I add a little to my drinking water to replace what's lost through the reverse osmosis filter. I also add a little MgCl2 and table salt.
1) Add as much as you want to the water; it will dissolve like table salt.
2) It tastes awful at first. I've learned to ignore it.
3) The 150mg/day I get from this is just a precaution, so I don't notice any effect. Higher doses may be different; YMMV.

It's probably worth noting that, because the body stores a lot of calcium, deficiencies take a long time to develop and correct. If you suspect you're deficient and begin moderate supplementation, you'll have to be patient. It could take weeks or months to observe results.

If you take extremely high doses, then we're talking about pharmaceutical intervention. This is generally not recommended with electrolytes as electrolyte imbalances can cause immediate problems, such as death.

On that note, I feel obliged to add the boilerplate caveat that more is not always better. Too much electrolyte can cause as many problems as too little. 500mg of calcium added to a meal or spread across your daily drinking water probably won't hurt you; just don't get silly with it.


Mar 26, 2019
Sonoma County
Denis Crouse recommends 840 mg per gallon.
If tap water is low in calcium, add two level dashes of calcium chloride flakes or prills (840mg 36% calcium) 99% pure from Loudwolf/Amazon.
This will increase the calcium level by 80 ppm.
Calcium at concentrations greater than or equal to 75ppm have a significant protective effect on cognition.

Optionally in order to increase magnesium by 20ppm add a dash of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (>98% purity) from LoudWolf/Amazon.

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