Anyone Have Personal Experience With TUDCA?

Broken man

Sep 11, 2016
IT lowers mast cells and makes my stomach less bloated after eating Wrong food, also helps with taking thyroid, i am using 500 mg daily with lunch.


Feb 26, 2018
Studies are so conflicting for both TUDCA and Taurine. There are studies that say both decrease NO, and others that say they increase NO.

In addition, TUDCA decreased cellular senescence by reducing levels of p53, p21, and reactive oxygen species and increased nitric oxide.
I think what could be the culprit here . Is that there are different types of NO . While it might increase one it doesn't have to increase the others.


Nov 21, 2012
New Zealand
Im going to trial Tudca 250mg x 2 per day as well as 2000mg of Taurine with the aim of increasing the efficacy of T3.


May 17, 2018
@olive is it better and more efficient to use TUCDA with meals or with an empty stomach in your experience?
With food and plenty of fluids. Don't take prior to or alongside liver damage inducing substances like alcohol, only the day after.

Michael Mohn

Dec 7, 2019
I got my tudca from govitamins in the UK. Put a few 100mg on my tongue and my brain and eyes felt like they got a face lift. Everything got brighter and a bit tight. I like the effect. The taste is bitter and unpleasant so I ate something and everything calmed down a bit. Waiting for other effects, digestion wise maybe.
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