Anyone Ever Sue Their Landlord To Get Back Security Deposit? How'd It Go?


Sep 5, 2012
I'm starting the process, and it's much more daunting, complicated than I thought. No big $$money here, so I have to represent myself > "Pro-Se".


Mar 9, 2018
No tenant ever gets a full refund of security deposit. Depending on the condition of the apartment after you vacate, you may get a partial refund. I live a 300 unit complex, and I've seen the horrible condition and the extensive damage inside recently vacated apartments, the tenant won't get his security deposit back. Instead he will be sued for damages to the unit.


Jan 25, 2014
No tenant ever gets a full refund of security deposit. Depending on the condition of the apartment after you vacate, you may get a partial refund. I live a 300 unit complex, and I've seen the horrible condition and the extensive damage inside recently vacated apartments, the tenant won't get his security deposit back. Instead he will be sued for damages to the unit.

Not true. When I left my last apartment, I got my full security deposit back plus interest. Although they were going to totally renovate the apartment. But it was left in good overall condition.

Really it does depend on several factors.


Jul 8, 2014
I shared an apartment with another student for 6 years. We kept the place in excellent condition. When we finally moved, the lady that ran the complex couldn't believe her eyes, she said she could rent the apartment out without renovation! Of course, we got the deposit back maybe even with interest, I don't remember. Interestingly, when I later rented an apartment in the Boston area, the landlord said that our deposit would be put into a savings account and would incur interest. Maybe it would be a good idea to find out whether that is a state or city requirement. The landlord or rental agency may be required by law to do that! If your place had these issues in the past, there may be court records about this. Usually these things end up at the 'small claims court', I would talk to that court if that happened in the past! Also, you could tell the landlord if he didn't give the deposit back then you will sue him and he would have to carry the cost of the lawsuit when he looses.


Dec 5, 2020
My ex gf did it since she and her roommate are lawyers.
They took extensive videos when they moved in though, which is something everyone should do. Document every flaw.
Shen they bring up flaws and you can prove it wasn’t you, they‘ll look bad in front of court


Aug 5, 2015
Yes I have sucessfully, the courts know theres shady LLs AND they know theres a story to be heard from both sides.
Search for LL & Tenant Rights for you state. Get the lease in hand. Get acquainted with both.
Verbal agreements are ok but The Judge may not be a fan.


Jan 11, 2019
Yeah me and my gf did it a while ago, and because the landlord did something (i dont remember) wrong we were able to sue for double our deposit! We didnt seeing as we just wanted our initial costs and to leave but some states are known to have laws that favor the tenant


Thread starter
Sep 5, 2012
Waiting till Monday to see/hear If I'll get representation - or If I;ll need it at all....
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