Anyone Cut Out All Refined Sugar?


Oct 6, 2012
Lots of people in alternative health circles report on the benefits of cutting out all simple sugars except natural fruits, its reported to cause withdrawal symptoms and result in improved health only after several weeks.

Anyone here experienced benefits from doing the anti-Peat thing and minimising their sugar intake?

In theory, since sucrose is more likely to be stored as liver fat, I imagine an overweight person with liver problems could benefit from decreasing sugar intake, whereas higher sugar intake is more likely to be beneficial in a lean, insulin-sensitive person.


Jun 30, 2020
Rostov-on-Don, Russia/Southern United States
On keto I noticed benefits for a while but those diminished starting after a month or so, and after maybe six I was worse as a baseline than when I started. I've since been leaning towards the theory that the benefit came from cutting out bread and potatoes (which I don't tolerate) and that cutting out sugar in its entirity probably hurt. I do use fruits over refined sugars most of the time though so can't comment on the "except natural fruits"


Mar 12, 2017
Like you mentioned, if my health isn't doing so well and I'm not insulin sensitive, sugar hurts my health and causes weight gain. When metabolism is working as it's supposed to, I can freely eat refined sugar and only feel better. So it's very context sensitive.
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