Any Thoughts On The News That Sweden Has Reversed Their Plans And Is Failing?


Oct 1, 2019
Heard this all throughout summer on the German news. Probably to make Germans feel good about their rights being taken away from them.


Aug 6, 2015
this doesn't exist. it's a hoax. the numbers don't add up

they want people to die so they can be more authoritarian, more of a control freak, more of a drama queen, more serious and more hysterical than they already are

their lives are boring and empty and COVID-19 gives them a reason to do something and gives them purpose. it's just like a drama queen who loves creating drama and arguments in a local restaurant or in the grocery aisle.

It's just like religion but much worse.


Jan 25, 2014

Haven't you figured out yet that most "news" stories regarding health and medicine are complete garbage yet? This is true in general, but especially true during the now year long COVID Propaganda campaign. You really need to have better filters at this point.

Who cares about "6000 cases?" Case numbers are inherently meaningless, the way they count them.

Okay, so hospitalizations are increasing. So what? Hospitals usually run at or near capacity, and they are generally fuller during the winter. The overall death toll always rises during the winter.

Finally, look at the COVID death chart in the article. Oh noes! They went from about 5 deaths a day, to almost 30 deaths a day! THIS IS ARMAGEDDEON!!!!!!!! (although even that number dropped the next week, and may have been a "file drawer" problem).

Except....... Sweden is country of 10 Million people. And they have almost 1,769 deaths per week, which is 252 a day. Not hard to rebrand some of those deaths as COVID deaths, as has been discussed ad nauseam on the forum.

Until people realize that yes, indeed, people did get sick, and people did die before the introduction of the COVID 19 propaganda campaign back in December 1st, 2019, and it's never been anywhere near the the number one cause of death (or truly, even near the top five), this WILL. NOT. STOP.

If you don't believe that anyone ever died before December 1st, 2019, just ask your favorite 517 year old what life was like under the Protestant Revolution.

Heart Disease and Cancer are numbers one and two THIS YEAR. The total number of Heart Disease and Cancer deaths in the US will exceed the total number of COVID associated deaths IN THE WORLD this year. It's a perverse magic trick, one that would make the great David Copperfield blush (if he could perform a show right now). Look at COVID, pay no attention to any other disease or suicide.

Look at this chart from all cause deaths from 2017. This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the COVID sham. Just re-brand a third of the "Respiratory diseases" as "COVID 19 Deaths," since it's a respiratory disease anyway, and BOOM, you got a good estimate of what the world COVID numbers look like for 2020.

All Cause Deaths.png
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