Any Ideas On Tolerating Niacinamide?


Jun 24, 2019
For some reason when I take Niacinamide, I become very irritable. I've been experimenting with different brands and dosage, but even as little as 50mg and I feel edgy. I'd give it up, but the benefits seem fantastic, and nothing makes my skin look better. Any ideas on why this could be and what it's messing with in my brain?


Nov 22, 2017
get pure niacinamide powder, with no excipients, and add it to something like apple sauce (that's my favourite medium to take supps)


Mar 10, 2016
Same here. I took the pure powder but it always leaves me groggy with aching head.
I think a winning strategy could include a lot of sugar and having a taste of it overnight to keep you coasting. But iprobably won't try that.


Dec 14, 2013
Also, niacin is a methyl sink, so if you're already an under methylator, niacin will lower your 'methyl pool' further.
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