Any idea why my blood pressure could be high?


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Mar 15, 2021
My diet for the last couple weeks has been:
-1 lb grass fed 85/15 ground beef
-Half gallon of 2% milk
-3 bananas
-2 oranges
- occasionally 1 raw carrot

~2300-2400 calories
~150 g of protein
~180g of carbs
~102g fat
~3.7 PUFA
~550 mg cholesterol

27 year old male 175 lbs

-5000 iu Vitamin D
-10 mg Vitamin K2
-250 mg of magnesium
-Occasionally ~400 mg eggshell calcium
-300 mg uridine monophosphate
-200 mg Sulbutiamine

Phosphorus/Calcium = 2627/2381 (without egg shell calcium)
Magnesium/Calcium = 660/2381

I have seen my waking temps rise from 96.9 to 97.7 over the past weeks and heart rate go from low 60s to high 60s. During the day heart rates goes in the high 70s and low 80s and temp goes to 98.2 to even 99.0 on rare occasions. In general I feel a lot better. Mind clearer. More energy during day. Less energy at night. Better sleep. Less depression and rumination. Less anxiety. Less derealization. Clear improvements across the board.

Only problem is my blood pressure is pretty high. It is usually around 150-155/95-99. Before trying this diet it was slightly elevated at high 130s/high 80s but now it is kind of blowing up. Any ideas what I can do or what is causing it? The diet is really working for me I would hate to have to throw it away.

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
10 mg Vitamin K2 is huge. Why so much? 250 mg of magnesium is not very much. About 50% of the RDA.


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Mar 15, 2021
10 mg Vitamin K2 is huge. Why so much? 250 mg of magnesium is not very much. About 50% of the RDA.
Thanks for responding.

Is it really that high? It is MK-4. Thorne K2 says one serving = 15 mg. I am using Kuinone from Idealabs though. I am using it and d3 for it's anabolic and pro metabolic effects. Also to ensure I don't develop hypercalcemia from the Vitamin D3 5000 iu since my calcium is atleast 2.4 g a day and sometimes closer to 3g. I was also hoping it would pull some calcium out of my scalp a little bit because I have some hair loss too. How much do you think I should be taking? How much magnesium do you think I should be taking? I read that magnesium and calcium should be equal but 2.4g of magnesium seems like a lot so I wanted to start small and work my way up.

Are these what might be causing my high blood pressure?
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