Antipyrine Clearance Time And Low-dose Oral T/DHT

Apr 21, 2013
In @haidut's recent post on the efficacy of oral unesterified testosterone, there was an interesting titbit about oral T increasing the antipyrine clearance time, as well as its own clearance. Here's the original quote:

"…Six normal male volunteers ingested a dose of 400 mg free testosterone daily as tablets over 21 days. By the end of treatment intravenous antipyrine half-life had decreased significantly from 8.0 +/- 2.7 to 5.7 +/- 2.6 hr. The subjects eliminated testosterone from serum more rapidly on the twenty-first day of testosterone ingestion than on the first day."

Does this imply an improvement in the liver's ability to remove by glucuronidation unwanted hormones such as the estrogens? If true, oral T/DHT might hold the key to fixing a sluggish/fatty liver, which is something many of us suspect.

If the faster antipyrine clearance time is indeed a 'good' thing, I wonder if 1mg T + 1mg DHT per day ingested orally in an ethanol solution would be an interesting experiment.

Has anyone here tried T, or DHT (even 11-keto DHT) orally? If so, what were its effects?

Thoughts? Comments?
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