Antidepressants Are Physically Addictive, Should Not Be Taken Long-term


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
What is surprising about this study is not that antidepressant drugs are addictive. We have known this (despite the vehement denials from pharma executives) even way back before those drugs got approved for human use. What is surprising in this study is that for the first time there is an admission in mainstream media about their addictiveness, combined with public admission that those drugs were never meant for indefinite use. WOW! The last time I checked, the official position of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) was that depression is a "highly recurrent disorder", whose pharmacological treatment is likely to last a lifetime. Yet, now we are beginning to hear a very different story possibly driven by the massive epidemic of both prescription and illicit drug abuse in virtually all Western countries. Namely, antidepressants are no different than other physically addictive drugs such such as opioids and just like opioids the antidepressants are incredibly hard to wean off, which leads to most people staying on them even when there is no medical need. Apparently, according to the study, federal guidelines call for doctors prescribing those addictive drugs to not only be warning the patients about the addictive risks but also providing a "discontinuation plan" for the patient and advising them to stop the drugs when they are no longer needed. LOL! I had the (dis)pleasure to run into quite a few psychiatrist back when I was working in a medical setting and I never met a single one of them who did even one of those things. Instead, they were all pushing pills like they were the hottest thing since sliced bread.
Well, I guess yet another corrupt practice may come to an end soon. Not bad as a start, and now that the gate of public admissions has opened I would like to see some articles on how SSRI drugs turn users into homicidal, violent, psychotic, creatures completely devoid of ability for love, wisdom and empathy. Those are not my words, they are direct quotes from previous studies on SSRI drugs I have posted.

SSRI Make Organisms Demented, Violent & Homicidal, Even At Low Doses
SSRI Drugs Impair Judgment, Wisdom, Understanding, Love And Empathy
Antidepressants (SSRI) Make Females Unattractive, Provoke Male Aggression

"...Reviewing six decades of data, three Chicago researchers found persistent evidence that, when a person abruptly stops taking their antidepressant medication, they can experience symptoms like headaches, insomnia, agitation, diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms....the authors write in a clinical review in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association , "with extended use, [antidepressants] can be notoriously difficult to quit because they can produce a state of physical dependence."

"...Doctors often over-prescribe antidepressants and don't have advice patients on how to best wean themselves off the drugs over time, which leads to patients becoming dependent on them, the authors warn. "I understand that many people feel safe in that their depression or anxiety is continuously managed by medication. However, these are mind-altering drugs and were never intended as a permanent solution," Mireille Rizkalla, PhD, the lead author of the review, said in a press release."

"...The study warns that long term use increases patients' risk of developing antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. Their body is so accustomed to the medication, it makes it even more difficult for patients to come off of their medication because they want to avoid those side effects. The review authors said that one reason patients become dependent on antidepressant medication is because doctors often don't equip them with plans for eventually weaning themselves off of the medication." According to Rizkalla, doctors who prescribe a patient these drugs should also provide them with a plan for eventual discontinuation as well as suggestions for promoting their mental health with non-drug methods, like therapy, exercise, or meditation ."


Oct 6, 2020
Thank you for this.

Since i am currently in the decision making of being admitted to the hospital, which would mean stationary resedancy at the psychosomatic clinic, i wanted to look up on antidepressants especially from a non romantizing place.

The doctor i had been interviewed by seemed to be friendly overall but at the end of the talk she asked me if i was open to taking a antidepressant drug.
I admit, she probably offered it due to the fact that when it comes to my health situation i can get very ... angry, frustrated ... and very hopeless if no intervention, not even the great once on this forum, produce any lasting or noticeable long term result.

Knowing how my mom has been on antidepressants for years now for her panic attacks - i can say that it is messing with her brain and going off of it causes bad withdrawal effects that "force" her to take it again. I got her to reduce the dosage slowly but surely, and now she is at 1/4 of the original dose but she says there are still days where she needs 1/2 of the dosage to function normaly or else she gets this wierd feeling in her head that makes her "stupid" , "slow" and "forgetful".

I told the doctor that she would need to force them down my throat and i wouldn't take them willingly. On a more calm mind afterwards i "thought" about the potential help it could provide if its only administered in a short time to sort myself out.
But my biggest fear is, and i feel like its very likely, if the cause, w/e it is ... is endotoxins, bacteria, parasites etc. ... then this drug will only change how i feel and mask the underlying issue. And if thats the case (since i want to feel good regulary ofc) this could lead to permanent and long lasting abuse of the drug.

Funnily enough, when i asked about this potential issue ... she just said "no thats not how they work, they just fix w/e is not working right in your brain" ... this response had me shocked ... she admitted tho on further elaboration from my part that it could ofc be a dead end and nodded in agreement that "IF" my issue is coming from something else then the drug won't fix it ... but it felt like she only agreed on it to keep me calm, not because she actually believes it.

I also told her about my experience with the anti parasite drug pyrantel, which ... even if it was only short term... fixed every issue i ever had, even the mental once.
She just brushed this one off with "w/e herbs u were taking, they can have a pushing effect" ... noooo? ... she wasn't taking me seriously there, and it was only this one drug ... not a cocktail of herbs ...

Yeah idont know. Tough call. Getting "professional" help in times like these is perhaps still a valuable option and having a place to unload my emotional sewage is good too, but the drug usage?
For now, i'll refuse.

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
The physiological damage from long term usage needs to be considered as well. SSRI/SNRI drugs are 5HT2b agonists, which means they activate cellular signaling that promotes endothelial permeability and interstitial fibrosis in the absence of endothilial damage that is normally handled by serotonin. As a consequence, I bet that a large number of long term users of SSRI/SNRI drugs have some degree of undiagnosed lung, and/or other organ, fibrosis.

Just imagine one of these diagnosed with covid in a hospital, showing lung fibrosis on chest xrays. Clueless doctors would think covid caused the lung fibrosis because I doubt very few know about the connection and they're brainwashed to think everything's covid now. Then they'd treat patient with other serotonergic drugs, who's condition, of course, would then degrade rapidly, and then be put on a ventilator where patient suffers further injury and dies. And the clueless doctors would marvel how deadly covid is and send out tweets begging everyone to wear a mask.
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