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Antibiotic Toxicity


May 13, 2015
So, didn't you notice the benefits until 3 months after taking it?
No, I noticed massive improvements within 45 minutes of taking the first dose; the inflammation disappeared and my body temperature increased a full degree to 98.6. But the improvements didn't hold. So I increased the dose, usually within 4-7 days and continued to increase the dose that way for three months. When I went from 1.5 grams/day to 2 grams/day, within 2 days I experienced massive normalization of my digestive tract. The 2 grams/day of thiamine hcl is what Dr. Costantini considered the optimum dose for my weight. The 2 grams/day dose continues to work for me. see here: HDT Therapy
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Jan 27, 2021
This is why Ray is so insistent on the thyroid and carrot salad.
Antibiotics are a gamble.

It's been 1 year and my sleep still isn't what it was, but I am greatly improved from where I was a year ago.
Socialization has helped as well. The milk diet helped me get more back on track sleep wise and gut wise.

I still have ringing in my ears from neomycin...

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