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Anti -Peat - Fructose Increases Endotoxin?


Mar 25, 2020
Hi ya'll

I'm not posting in terms of my own opposition to Peat - but rather a finding I have had - If this article has already been discussed somewhere else then appologies.

I have had various problems with bloating and water retention for a while now - aware they could come from various places - but interestingly found this talking about connections between fructose and endotoxin and wondered what people think?

Seems to suggest that fructose directly increases endotoxin and its levels also in the blood - I don't have the time to go through all the studies right now but if anyone else is interested would be curious to hear your thoughts.

and please if wanted move to the anti peat forum - couldn't make it work for some reason



Oct 5, 2014
Very possible depending on your gut microbiome. In my experience eating fruits + meat increases endotoxin dramatically. Separately they don't.

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