Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Carrot Salad 2.0


Apr 17, 2013
Im gonna try following "Endotoxin Salad" for atleast a week for my never ending bloating and pain, both physically and mentally.

2 raw carrots (eaten first)
2 raw garlic gloves (eaten second because if eaten first the pain would be too much)
1 tablespoon of CO (to ease the possible damage)
Raw garlic is 100 more times effective than antibiotics

Garlic vs. Antibiotics: Which Comes Out On Top?
Raw garlic wins

Garlic vs. Penicillin
Raw garlic wins and is much more safe

If guys like Danny Roddy fixed their gut with penicillin, and raw garlic is more effective proven, i think its worth a shot.

Did you try it?


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda
On the previous page it was posted that there must be something special in the combination of carrots and apples. For those dealing with fucose issues, the following is worth considering.


- Fructose in different apple varieties: Implications for apple consumption in persons affected by fructose intolerance


- Sugar composition of apple cultivars and its relationship to sensory evaluation


- Sugar-, acid- and phenol contents in apple cultivars from organic and integrated fruit cultivation


It varies, but you get the idea.

- Gerson Therapy FAQs: Juicing and Juicers
- Juicing Tip: What to Do When Granny Smith Apples Are Out of Season | Gerson Institute

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Nov 20, 2017
@Amazoniac I gave up on most of specifically prescribed juices by Gerson. Different reasons for each one: Apples are sweet but I didn't find much benefit from them, so meh; Carrots moved bowels along well but lots of hassle for little benefit; and the Green Juice Recipe has a lot of things which I cannot find locally, so I just juice a bunch of green bell peppers and occasionally add darker greens, like red leaf lettuce, etc. It's not perfect, but when I drink the green juices I've seen old scars heal dramatically that I've had since I was a kid that I didn't even think twice about anymore, but suddenly began to heal even after eating as a vegan and vegetarian and even juicing using a centrifugal juicer--but never juicing with a masticating juicer (which is a very big deal I've learned through Gerson). So, all that to say, the Green Juice is the good stuff and I stick with that as a very heavy staple! 3-4 bell peppers plus a head of lettuce per day, on average.

I was amazed when old scars began to heal! I realized "Oh, this is what it's like when you get proper nutrition. Look at that." Suffice it to say I was impressed and convinced I was doing something wrong before despite my best efforts to get better nutrition as vegan, vegetarian, or even using an inferior juicer--the centrifugal kind. Masticaters is where it's at.

I think even Dr. Gerson's daughter mentions somewhere in her book that the Green Juice and the Hypocrites Soup are really the two most powerful form of nutrition in the whole regimen, but I don't have the time to look it up right now.

Thanks for the info though!


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda
- Principles of using organic acids in animal nutrition | DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

"The efficiency of an organic acid to inhibit the growth of a microorganism depends on its pKa value, which describes the pH value at which the acid is available 50% in its dissociated and undissociated form respectively. Only in its un-dissociated form the organic acid has its antimicrobial power as they can pass through the walls of bacteria and fungi and alter their metabolism. This means that the antimicrobial efficacy of organic acid is higher in acidic conditions, like in the stomach, and reduced at neutral pH, like in the intestine. Accordingly, organic acids with a high pKa value are weaker acids [less dissociable; confusing terminology] and therefore more effective preservatives for feed, as, being present in the feedstuff with a higher proportion of their un-dissociated form, can defend feed from fungi and microbes. (Roth and Ettle, 2005). Therefore, the lower the pKa of the organic acid (the higher proportion of dissociated form) the greater is its effect on the reduction of pH and the lower its antimicrobial effect in the more distal portions during its transit through the digestive tract. A strong acid (with low pKa) will acidify the feed and the stomach, but will not have strong direct effects on the microflora in the intestine."

"The antimicrobial activity is caused by the ability of organic acids to dissociate (Partanen 2001). In the un-dissociated form, acid molecules can easily penetrate the microbial cell walls of gram-negative bacteria. Inside the cell the pH is higher than its pKa and a large proportion of the acid will dissociate and release its hydrogen ion (H+). In the attempt to pump out the hydrogen ions (H+), the microbial cell consumes enormous amounts of energy that lead to cell death (Figure 1)."

"[..]the mode of action of organic acids (Figure 1) depends on free hydrogen ions to activate the organic molecule into the dissociated or un-dissociated form respectively. Unlike organic acids, salts do not have an hydrogen ions to release."

"Once the salts reach the stomach, the acid pH triggers a reaction that transforms them into acids where hydrochloric acid is needed to release the [..] acid from the [salt]."

"Additionally, there are some specific effects against yeasts, moulds and bacteria of each acid, which cannot be explained by the pKa value."​

These values are defined in water at 25°C, but for the same degree of acidity in a medium, increases in temperature tend to also increase the dissociation, which they claim to lower the antimicrobial potency.

- Learn more about the factors of choice of organic acids in piglet diets | DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

"[..]the pH is determined at room temperature and the benzoic acid is in liquid form at a temperature over 100°C. Such temperature is never achieved within the animal, but 40°C is quite feasible to achieve, which have a pH value changes significantly 3.02 to 2.80 respectively. It is noteworthy that the pH-meter is calibrated to 25°C, but what we want to highlight here is the downward movement of the values."

- "The Primary Sources Of Acidity In The Diet Are Sulfur-containing AAs, Salt, And Phosphoric Acid" (second block)​

An organic acid of choice can be consumed, but its behavior is going to be dictated by the medium in question. Someone may be avoiding neutralization believing it to weaken its antimicrobial effect, yet by the time it reaches the stomach, the original form is lost, even more so after the next influence when it passes through the alkalinization site in the intestine where the meal is standardized to a certain pH.

The pKa of salicylic acid is around 3 (at 25°C). If anything, a higher temperature (body temperature) would increase the degree of dissociation. For a fasting pH of the stomach of 2, whether it was consumed as salicylic acid or sodium salicylate before absorption, most of it must dissociate/ionize, the difference is in releasing sodium instead of hydrogen ions.

There's this:

- Gastric pH Distribution and Mixing of Soft and Rigid Food Particles in the Stomach using a Dual-Marker Technique

"Solid foods break down during gastric digestion due to mechanical forces and the enzymatic and acidic environment created by gastric secretions [1]. Functionally, the stomach can be separated into the proximal and distal region. The proximal region acts as a food reservoir, containing food particles until they can move into the distal region. The distal region is where food physical breakdown occurs due to the peristaltic muscular contractions that act to crush and grind food particles [2]. Recent studies with the growing pig have suggested that the physical and chemical properties of gastric chyme are not homogeneous throughout the stomach at times up to 3 or 5 h after consumption of a cooked rice or almond meal [3–6]."

"Similar findings have been shown in humans using echoplanar imaging techniques. Marciani et al. [7] showed that a high viscosity meal was not uniformly mixed after 72 min of digestion in humans, while a low viscosity meal was more evenly mixed. Echoplanar imaging techniques have also been used to show that there is only a gentle mixing in the first 50 min after consumption of a lipid emulsion meal, not even generating large enough shear forces to cause lipid creaming in the antrum [8]."

"Meal particle size has been shown to play a role in gastric mixing in pigs, with meals containing larger particles exhibiting less mixing than meals containing smaller particles over an 8–12 h digestion period [14, 15]. Even after liquid meals, instantaneous gastric mixing may not occur. Holdsworth et al. [16] demonstrated non-homogeneous pH in an ex vivo pig stomach after the addition of various antacids, indicating that the antacid had not fully mixed with the gastric contents to effectively neutralize the pH. If food is not evenly mixed with gastric secretions, this could cause the pH and enzyme content of various locations in the stomach to be quite different from one another, altering the individual food particle breakdown in each of these locations."

"The objective of this study was to characterize the gastric mixing of a meal of soft (cooked brown and white rice) or rigid (raw and roasted almonds) food particles to determine if food physical form has an impact on the rate of mixing in the stomach."

"Stomach chyme pH distribution and the gastric mixing process of both soft and rigid particles have been quantified using a dual-marker approach. The pH was not homogeneous throughout the stomach, and varied over time for the different meals. Soft particle meals showed a more homogeneous pH distribution after 480 min of digestion compared to rigid particle meals at any time."

upload_2020-11-28_17-59-9.png upload_2020-11-28_17-59-16.png

"White rice had the greatest amount of mixing, being 94% mixed after 480 min, while the rigid particle meals (raw and roasted almonds) were only 65 and 71% mixed after 720 min, respectively. However, it appears that meal gastric emptying is a controlling factor in the mixing rate of each meal, possibly more important than the type of food matrix or pre-processing prior to consumption."


"Knowledge of the gastric pH and mixing processes for meals of both soft and rigid particles is crucial to understand the physical and chemical breakdown of foods in the gastric environment, allowing for optimization of food and drug digestion and absorption."
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Jan 27, 2021
The benefits of the Raw Carrot salad are frequently mentioned from the big man himself and across the RP Community. Just to name a few: Functional PS, Danny Roddy, RP Forum.

It's a great and versatile Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Septic tool to add to our arsenal.

This is especially true if we have compromised digestion or are experiencing symptoms of fungal growth.

Nonetheless, we've been experimenting with the traditional carrot salad (Rinsed and Grated Carrot, Vinegar, Coconut Oil) and have made some welcome additions following on from Dr Peat's recent research, and valuable contributions from @natedawggh's informative blog and insights from his latest post: The Cure For Metabolic Disease.

We also threw in some of our own research for good measure.

The New and Improved Carrot Salad 2.0

  • 1/2 large grated carrots (cheese grater/ or potato peeler are ideal)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
  • 14ml of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 250g Boiled White Button Mushrooms (15-20 minutes cooking time)
  • Finely Chopped Horseradish (10-grams)
  • 2/3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
  • 1-2 Raw Onions.
  • Salt (teaspoon)
  • & if you can stomach it, grated ginger.
The more gloves of garlic/horseradish added, the more potent the salad becomes.

WARNING: This salad is likely to make you smell; we advise eating on weekends or days away from human contact.

Special thanks to forum members: @charlie, @natedawggh , @raypeatclips who are mentioned in this post.


Anti-bacterial action of onion (Allium cepa L.) extracts against oral pathogenic bacteria.

The antimicrobial activity of garlic and onion extracts.

An overview of the antifungal properties of allicin and its breakdown products--the possibility of a safe and effective antifungal prophylactic.

Extracts from the history and medical properties of garlic

Factors Affecting Antifungal Activity of Onion Extractives Against Aflatoxin-Producing Fungi

Nutritional and Therapeutic Potential of Garlic and Onion
"[Raw garlic as an antibiotic] It's about as hard on the stomach as on the germs."
- Ray Peat
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