Another Hairloss Theory - Skin Thickness


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Aug 23, 2020
Hey All, just trying to throw my little view on the whole hairloss topic....see what peoples thoughts are.

I believe that the main cause of hairloss is bloodflow (nothing new here) and the main factors that are at play are skull shape/skin thickness which can be exacerbated by stress. I cannot believe the dht theory that only hairs on this specific region are prone to dht for some unknown genetic seems wrong and vague.

Take a look at the thickness of scalp tissue - "The posterior scalp skin thickness is 1.48 mm; the temporal scalp is 1.38mm; and the anterior scalp thickness is 1.18 mm"
If factual this is saying that the area we bald on has the thinnest skin out of these 3 parts of the scalp, and the 'safe zone' used for transplants the thickest. Now let's compare with women through this study carried out found here: | Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books.

Look at the thickness in the different skin layers and total thickness between Male and Females, I'm not saying this is the answer, just seems like it could be a factor? Interestingly the Galea is actually thicker in males than females in the study above and it's the other skin layers which are thinner! Due to skin thinning as we age, it could be that these other layers are more important regarding hairloss and this would also be why genes are important as I'm guessing skullshape and skin thickness are hereditary. However not the only factor as stress is known to cause skin aging/thinning as are steroids and other factors.

Anyway I believe that either skin thinning/skull shape causes the main veins feeding the scalp ( the superficial temporal artery) shown in green in the picture below-

From this picture we can see the scalp area we bald from is actually fed from this one artery whilst the "safe zone" is fed from elsewhere, I believe due to stress/age/genetics it's this artery which become inflamed or 'pinched' when under stress or unable to relax the auricular muscles the artery runs past, this causes the muscles to thicken which in turn causes phlebitis or inflammation of the veins, similar to what happens in peoples arms shown here:
Upper Extremity Venous Occlusion | Vascular Center | UC Davis Health

Stress doesn't just need to be mental though and I believe more of an issue is physical stress caused by underlying medical issues such as candida overgrowth taking its toll on the body, or a magnesium deficiency causing this chronic tension..... if I touch the sides of my head where the artery is shown it feels tender to press on which indicates some inflammation.

Any thoughts on this?

I also believe minoxidil works due to its ability to open artery to allow more blood to flow (again nothing new here), however when it comes to anti androgens/hormonal drugs it seems these could function by actually altering the skull shape/skin thickness ever so slightly more feminine making the difference and freeing the artery.

As a side note it seems highly connected to me that when thyroid issues cause hair fall on the scalp and outer eyebrows. When of you look at the thyroid it is connected to the superficial temporal artery slightly further down which in turn feeds those areas. I believe this could be candida/yeast infection of the thyroid which is giving off toxins and/or stealing nutrients from this artery which is destined for the scalp and outer eyebrows.
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