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    I just came across this

    from what I've gathered, the potential benefits of a Mexican Coke seem to be:

    colas can relieve indigestion, help dissolve stomach and bowel obstructions, sugar and caffeine can be anti inflammatory, it can help dilate lungs / bronchioles and help breathing overall, can help with producing stomach acid and possibly help balance CO2 levels, the coca extract and kola nut extracts used for flavoring also have antinflammitory action (possibly vanilla extract also, the exact flavors used are not available). I've even read that phosphoric acid can help dissolve kidney stones. Coca cola was one of those things I always loved...then stopped drinking as much, but despite making an effort to 'be healthy' according to mainstream, always kept drinking it sort of just out of for personal joy, but always felt that it never was actually doing any harm and in fact made me feel relaxed. I guess I don't need study's to convince me to drink it either way , but its really cool hearing about all of its potential benefits. I probably wouldn't go around telling people to drink coke but definitely wouldn't tell them to avoid it or that it was bad for them, and if people seemed open minded and enjoyed it I might mention some of these benefits to them!
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    I've read that Coca Cola hasn't used kola nut extract for many years. They use caffeine from some other source.