Mar 16, 2021
E and K2 should be taken separately by a few hours.
regards to supplementing E and K2 have these been confirmed to be safe? they are nutrients and balanced by many other things in food. i think even E in foods is 'balanced' by pufa/mufa... do we really know whether E and K2 supplementation especially in these high doses many use, are safe long term and not causing imbalance of some kind? i seem to feel better when I limit E and K2 mk4/mk7 supplements to just twice a week instead of daily or every other day. these are also some of the cleanest out there. like thornes ultimate E for instance.


Jun 7, 2019
Am I correct in assuming that usage of Androsterone can lead to masculinization effects on the face and body, used for a prolonged period of time?
I think this is what has been happening to me, or I'm either placebo-ing myself. Beard grows thicker, voice the same, facial structure seems more compact & robust.
I've also been taking a lot of Kuinone for several for months, so that might have added up.
I was putting it on my chest and it's making my chst hair grow
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