American Universities under foreign Control


Feb 18, 2016
The rats nest of wokism is academia, mainly white run universities with professors getting paid astronomical sums, I have no issue with STEM professors receiving big payments, they actually create useful tools and practice "science".
This article highlight universities receiving billions in payments from the likes of Huawei, Chinese communist party, the human rights capital Quatar, Saudi Arabia and Russian companies, all the while their professors tweet about Russian collusion with trump Etc

The delusional narcissism is out of control, the loudest pipers are making big money while tormenting the rest of us. Accountability and democracy is dead in the west, the fact these universities unashamedly accept these payments highlight the lack of respect they have for nation states, it shows the higher ups know globalism and cosmopolitanism is on the way in.
I mean Harvard accepted payments from the global child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

This week the Department of Education released a damning report revealing that US institutions have collectively accepted some $6.5 billion in foreign funds that were never reported. A Senate subcommittee studying this astonishing phenomenon calls the whole industry (and US higher education is an industry, if not a particularly useful or efficient one) a “black hole.” Among the 34-page document’s juicier tidbits, we find that virtually all the universities under investigation received funds from Huawei, the controversial Chinese technology company, which has poured research funds into nuclear science, online data systems, and robotics – all fields considered vital to US national security, and the fruits of which may now well be accessible to the Chinese government.

Two US universities with campuses in Qatar reportedly failed to disclose funds received from the Qatari Foundation, which then, the report further claims, exerted its influence to stifle free speech. Media reports hold that one of the Qatar campuses belongs to my alma mater, Georgetown University, which also stands accused in the report of accepting Saudi money via the philanthropic Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in the form of a $20 million gift to create a “Center of Muslim-Christian Understanding,” which then promoted a biased “particular narrative.” In 2017 one of its ace scholars, who holds an endowed chair in Islamic civilization also named for the prince, made public statements widely interpreted as favorable to slavery and marital rape. Stately Georgetown also seems to have entered into a foreign-funded exchange program with the Party School of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee. Another US institution with a campus in Qatar, identified in the media as Cornell University, has reportedly explained that is was “dumbfounded” by an “error” that resulted in its failure to report a whopping $760 million in foreign funds. Still another institution accepted a more modest but far from insignificant gift from Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, a cybersecurity company believed to have ties to the Russian government, whose products are banned from US government use.

But in our current age, are those corpulent academic titans (let us face it: they usually are severely overweight) not supposed to be the moral guardians of the woke universe? While usually providing scant intellectual leadership, they never shut up about diversity and inclusiveness, transparency and shared governance, equity and sustainability, raising all bars but the fun kind, and modeling “fair and just” societies so that everyone else knows how to behave. They supinely signal whatever virtues their high-price consultants tell them to tout that week, tolerate no deviation from politically correct speech and behavioral norms, and hold themselves out as paladins of enlightenment to mask whatever inner emptiness or lack of maternal love led them to become university administrators in the first place.

The funds these riverboat sheisters raise are usually the only justification for keeping their jobs and compensation packages, which often run into seven figures and can include, in the case of New York University’s president, the use of a private beach house – a fortress of solitude he undoubtedly needs to collect precious droplets of leadership potential. Along the way, they raise tuition as far as annual increases in government-sponsored educational loans will allow, reduce as much of the faculty as possible to low-paid contingent status with minimal employment rights, hire the best lawyers they can find to fight anyone who challenges their treatment, and plow untold billions into pet projects in the hope that future generations might read their names on faux bronze plaques commemorating the opening of a new recreation center, mental health facility, or helipad and possibly think that the sharpie who arranged it might have been a good guy. It all takes money, and if that means cozying up to generous Central Committee members, liberal principles are cheap, indeed.
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