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Alternative Forms Of Thiamine - Experiences?

  1. I've recently discovered how vital sufficient levels of B1 Thiamine is for proper sugar metabolism, so I've been exploring more effective forms of Thiamine, would be interesting to hear if anyone's had any experiences with the following:




  2. Mitolipin
  3. Haven’t noticed a difference.
  4. I have ordered some Allithiamine and expect it to be delivered this weekend. I am also interested in hearing about experiences with it.
  5. I had great improvements in my conditions using benfo-b1 and sulbu-b1. 600mg of benfothiamine per day brought back my morning wood, enchanted my dream recall and shortened my sleep cycle from 12+ to 7 hours greatly improving sleep quality. Sulbuthiamine made the same in dosage about 1g per day. I believe Ive bought it on purebulk. Tastes terrible, the worst thing I've ever eaten. I have actually forgotten the great result I had those days. OP thanks for reminding me. It would be so great if I can afford to supplement sulbuthiamine it again.
  6. I don't understand what you mean
  7. @methylenwhite thanks for the info. I've ordered some sublutiamine. Shame it's so pricey as from what I've read I think it might be the most effective of the lot. I'll post my results.

    @qwyk will be great to hear of your experience with Allithiamine. Out of interest, where did you order from?

    There's actually another form i didn't add to the list called:

    "Thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP)"

    It's the biologically active form of the vitamin. I think Swanson sell it.
  8. I ordered from Amazon. The supplier is "HealthyTrader", and the brand is "Ecological Formulas". I'll comment again with some results after I've tried it for a week or two.
  9. I'm curious as well. Is there a B1 element in Mitolipin?
  10. @Mossy @Broken man posted this response in a seperate thread:

    "@Joeyd the reason why I wrote mitolipin to your thread about vitamin B1 Is that taking vitamins to boost thyroid function seems to me like a very complicated way. Because to get long term results with minimal complications is harder than you could think. I did alot of trials with vitamins And the results are always the same, short term success with burnout later. Burnout because you will use all cofactors that you need to have results until you will get another deficiency. Mitolipin gave me steady broad range benefits and one of them was increased carbon dioxide."

    I understand your point that perhaps supplements arent the long term solution but youre then saying you had success by using Mitolipin (a supplement). Seems slightly contradictory. Maybe I've misunderstood your meaning.

    Ive experimented with Mitolipin a lot, in both Vitamin E and as a powder and I just dont tolerate high or regular doses of choline well, so its not helpful for me.
  11. No I wrote that vitamins like vitamin B1 will not do much long term because you need to supplement all vitamins that are as cofactor forvitamin B1 to be working. Mitolipin is not vitamin and there is really small amount of phosphatidylcholine but I understand but will try to find a solution because I think that mitolipin is the best and most versatile supplement here.
  12. @Joeyd Thanks for the heads-up!
  13. So whats your experience with sulbuthiamine?
  14. I found the choline content of Mitolipin too stimulating for the same reason I limit eggs fish and liver in my diet.
    Thiamine pyrophosphate is not superior to the plain HCl because it depleted potassium at a faster rate.
    Allithiamine feels toxic and the last thing a burden liver wants is extra stuff that cannot get rid off
  15. Is there a study about TPP depleting potassium?

    I've been taking Allithiamine for about a month and I've not noticed any toxicity
  16. Just personal experience